Unturned Helicopter Bug

When flying a helicopter if you open your inventory and equip a gun and continue flying, left and right rotation gets locked and you are only able to fly forwards and backwards. If you are on a server with rocket plugins and use a kit this also happens.


You can’t turn because both of your hands are holding a gun, silly.
As far as I know, no characters in unturned have telekinesis.


EDIT: I’m pretty sure this isn’t a bug and is an intended feature.

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It’s a bug most likely. Equipping items while driving should not be possible in 3.0.

Maybe the bug is caused by the games thinking you are still in your inventory?When you access your inventory you can no longer turn right or left with your vehicles it just slows down with time naturally.By equiping an item the game thinks you are in you inventory and lock the turning right and left button but because you are actually driving you can still more or less accelerate and decelerate.

But that’s a personal theory and I am no expert so…

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