Unturned II bans

I have a question regarding the unturned 2 (v4.0)
Are vac bans and battleye bans going to be transferred in a way from unturned 3.0 to new unturned?

Yes of course, they will be transferred along with all the skins, cosmetic items, mods, maps, april fools sportshot and the gold upgrade.


Okey, I wasn’t really following the information related to unturned 2, I just looked at few videos related to it

In case people couldn’t tell, Danaby was joking.


hmmmmmmmmm, so whats the answer to my question, I kinda had a hard time believing the mods and things being transferred but I guess you can’t always trust people

While BattlEye will be reused for UII, no your ban won’t be carried over to the new game along with anything obtained in the previous game. Basically nothing gets transferred.


when yarrrrr’s text has an orange background you know he’s serious


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why are you asking…? :wink:


Got banned while back when I was trying out modding for the first time, wasn’t careful and joined into a server which resulted a vac ban :slightly_frowning_face: .

i dont think thats even possible with standard modding. What were you even making?


He was trying to create a modding menu that allows you to spawn items in :sunglasses:

/i 1255 100


actually, it’s possible if you are dumb like me and leave modified files in the bundles folder of stuff that not men’t to be changed (example: you modify the eaglefire’s range and you join a server)

That is not how it works. if your dat files are modified it will prevent you from joining since your files differ.


well, idk now as you can’t test the vac ban more then once, I modified some files I don’t remember, joined a server next day, forgot about it that I changed it, and next few seconds I get kicked with a vac ban message, also I believe VAC those days was practically useless, they were bypassing it on a daily bases

You can’t get banned for modding like that. You either modified core files or downloaded cheats.


I didn’t tho… I didn’t know that hacks existed for that game then, nor did I know how to modify unity files then (I don’t know even now)