Unturned II coming soon?

we know that the development of the game is frozen, does this mean that we will still see the game in the future? or are the chances that development will continue are small? what is the latest news about U2?

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Best thing to do is to forget it exists


Soon? No. Even if it still was under active development it would not release soon.

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It might still be under active development. He just won’t release any details or updates, until he has a fixed release date.


Nelson recently stated on the podcast that UII is not in development. He also stated that if it was to be resumed he would not be announcing its development, and he would likely try to differentiate it from the direction U3 is heading in (which is absorbing much of what UII was)

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I think it is unanimous for everyone that it is a dead and abandoned project, if you want a realistic survival experience I recommend going for DayZ.

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Highly doubt that was what Nelson was going for at the start.

Unturned II’s been delayed indefinitely. It’s been common knowledge for about half a year now.

Sarge, who’ll tell him?
Poor guy’s gone, and he ain’t comin’ home!!!

Yes it was, Unturned II had the goal of being more realistic in its mechanics of survival, combat and etc, Nelson just didn’t want something too exaggerated.

Than UI, don’t think the plan was to make it as realistic as other more advanced survival games.

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Maybe not too advanced but at least focused more on survival unlike U3 which is just a PVP game with a side of zombies.

Increased mod support, new style for buildings, and the new attachment system is what got me interested in it.

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certainly not to leave it on the same level, but certainly something well above 3.x, and as I said, I believe that anyone who wants a game that is more about survival should look for options like day z and etc, although I am not saying that Unturned 2 would be on the same level as them, do you understand now?

I really think that if Nelson is really going to give up the development of Unturned II he should make the codes available to some team of community modders to continue the project, it would be a waste to just throw everything in the trash after almost 5 years.

@DeusExMachina so he did not say that the game will never be, he just gave himself a rest? does that mean we’ll see the game in the future?

it is still a possibility that Unturned II will happen but if it does happen, it won’t be soon

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@MoltonMontro I shouldn’t tag you and maybe I’ll get a response Watch the official news, but still, is there any hope that we will see a new game? Or are there small chances?

If Nelson is going to make Unturned II or continue any work on it, it won’t be for a very long time. Like maybe in the Late 2020s-Early 2030s and even that’s a very low chance.

He said that he has paused development indefinitely. No, that is not the same as canceling it. I still wouldn’t hold my breath.

Probably not