Unturned II Inventory System

Before you’re gonna comment: UUuhhH, tHerE aLReady aRE aLoT Of posts AboUT The INVEntoRY sYsteM, gET ORIginaL. This is my point of view, and so far I haven’t seen any posts about the inventory system that look similar to the one I am going to describe now.

Okay, so first of all, some of the stuff I am talking about here have evolved from the post @GreatHeroJ made a while ago. I just made it a slightly bit more fitting to also make more sense. You can find the original post here.

So let’s get started! In Unturned 3.0, the inventory system is straight up broken, from an industrial generator to a minigun, it all fits in your pants. For Unturned II, I thought it would be smart to renew this system. I am way better at explaining pictures with text than explaining text with pictures, so take a look and read the elucidation under the pictures.

This is a normal unturned backpack (the grids don’t match the backpack itself, just took it as example). Right now there are two ways you can fix being able to fit incredibly large items in there. You can one, make the items way bigger and you can only fit a, for example industrial generator in your hands, or even a vehicle you need to move it with. This would of course make gameplay boring and annoying, and it would take way too long to build your base. The other solution for this problems is to make borders in the backpack and clothing. This already got mentioned in Great Hero J’s post, but hear me out. The clothing and backpacks got designated slots for the items you want to hold. Check this updated picture of the travelpack:

Here you see J’s concept with borders, but more restricted. Different pieces of clothing means different storage sorts. The travelpack could fit two guns on the side, a small puch under both guns for small items (i.e. water, grenades etc.) And the slot under the backpack could have magazines. The empty slots means that any item can fit in there. If a gun would be stored in one of the two gun slots, it would look like two guns would be on either side of the travelpack, outside of it. The player would not be able to store a second two-handed gun in their inventory. Here are some more examples about how I had other items in mind:

For the pants I am a bit unsure of what i should put in the empty spots. I’ve also tried to make the outline of pants, so pockets would make more sense.

Please leave feedback and more additional things to add to this post in the replies! Thanks for reading!


Is’t that a bit too limiting? It’s not like we’re playing Tetris here.

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We already do that in Unturned, is there a problem with that? :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally I just think @GreatHeroJ’s post, along with a weight system, will be just fine.

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The point is it’s realistic (I’m rl, you can put 2 guns on the sides of your backpack, and smaller stuff will fobbing the pockets.), and you can’t stuff a hell’s fury in your daypack.

Oh, it’s like EFT. I like it
need moAr EFT fichez

I prefer this post, as it makes more sense to me, (though I haven’t read GHJs post in a while.) Guns on the side of your backpack without sticking another 50 cans of beans in with them seems the best to me.

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So how will you store a minigun?

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your hands only, a minigun shouldn’t be able to be stored in backpacks or clothing, more like a car trunk.

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Pretty sure 4.0 won’t have miniguns, and if it does, then you wont be able to store it in your inventory.

No, srsly, this is logical. As in EFT, loadouts have several 2x1 slots and some 1x1
So yeah, good idea


Honestly, I’m fine as long they’re spaces and weight.

While I do believe the current inventory system is completely and utterly broken, I do think that this design is a bit too limiting. I mean, it shouldn’t be completely pre-specified slots for everything, or 6 generators fitting in a backpack. My take is to create separate pockets (kind of like 3.0 inventory GUI but smaller) like normal backpacks and have only some backpacks (ie. military and maybe a civilian for small arms) having the ability to carry weapons (military large weapons civilian small weapons). The other items excluding generators and all that crazy stuff would just be like now. I think the inventory system for small things isnt too bad right now. The only way to carry generators and things that are extremely heavy would be to carry them into the trunk in your hand slot empty of anything else. The weight system would be more like The Long Dark (Check out an episode and you’ll see how it works). Sorry if I’ve excluded something here.

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still would give the possibility for generators to be stored in your pants.

Neither do any furniture items such as chairs and fridges. Areyou telling me that you want them to only be able to be carried in the hands?


car trunks, vehicles, possibly putting two ropes over your shoulders tied to a large heavy item, that you would carry around as a backpack

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With all of the heavy stuff, I think you should only be able to carry it for a short amount of time in your hands. The only way to transport it far distances would be by car or heli or whatever has a fairly large storage

@Davidoz I think that that mechanic would be interesting, although I would be wary of giving the player too many options.

I like alot of your ideas as well, let’s hope Nelson catches a glimp of this topic and he sees what he does with this.

I do too, but I think we as the Unturned community have a responsibility to keep Unturned 4.0 and on wards as balanced as possible. Meaning we can’t over saturate the game with mechanics. With some games, you cant really go overboard with mechanics, like Minecraft. But with Unturned, too many mechanics means complicated, and kind of an overload for new players.