Unturned II Menu (Not My Menu Concept, but 2 ideas of mine to add)

(Original link= Unturned II Menu CONCEPT)

I had a few ideas of my own to add to this Unturned II Menu concept. First is a simple day and night cycle and second is a small easter egg where you will see a player in a vehicle driving away from the town down the road then a few seconds later you see a huge horde of zombies coming down the road following the player. It would be a nice small easter egg that could have maybe a small chance of it happening.

Unturned II Menu


This is a really neat concept! It could also switch between different maps depending what map you were hovering over.


Yes, both.

I like the addition of the friends bar on the right, always thought it would be cool to see your group before going into a game as well. Or maybe the barn from 2.0 and 3.0, but when your friends join your group they appear in the barn with you before going into game. That would be cool if possible.


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No idea who the first and third are but Pain.exe’s pfp is Minnie May Hopkins from Gunsmith Cats.


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