Unturned II or 4.0 Land Based Vehicles functionality


Hello everyone i know there are multiple vehicle post for 4.0 but i haven’t Read them and these are my suggestions

Wheel Types
So there would be three type’s Sport’s , All-rounder and off-road .so with the sports wheels they will give a car better traction on roads and have more fuel efficiency . they will increase the speed a vehicle can go on road’s . when the vehicle is on dirt or off road the max speed will decrease , lose traction and use more fuel when the vehicle has the Sport’s categorized tyre’s on the vehicle
Now were onto the All-Rounder Wheels these wheels are the base wheels you will find on most government and civilian vehicles , they have no advantage off road or on road ,so theirs nothing really special about them on to the nest type
Off Road wheels these wheels will give the best performance to vehicles that go off road or are mainly on dirt, the will give better performance when being driven off road and when on road the same performance as All-Rounder .this wheel type will spawn on military vehicles and some civilian vehicles

So now onto the next aspect of the vehicles I would like to have is Changeable Motors so having 4cly

strait 6



and v12 .with all the engines as what we have now would just be changing the speed and fuel consumption of the vehicle , so with Trade-able parts there should be performance Chips that we put into the vehicles that increase performance depending on the chip Sport’s ,Tuned , Racing and military . there should also be Upgrade-able Fuel Tanks to increase the capacity of fuel that can be held but will increase the weight of the vehicle and reduce speed .Engines that can be swapped into the vehicles will have 3 fuel types LPG , Diesel and Unleaded ,each fuel type offers difference performance to the engine .

also with some utility vehicles there should have extra functions so a cherry picker will be able to move it boom up and down . a forklift will move the fork’s up and down , tow trucks will be able to hook up to other vehicles

Want to watch what i have write instead of reading it go to (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg86dSeJppY&t=3s) Take out the ( )



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Also the engine should have like an air filter, carbrator and turbo charger ect as separate attachments so you can upgrade parts.
Also parts have durability and ware down the engine if not maintained.
Also horse power, how much it can tow and go up hills



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