Unturned II performance and Optimization

Well I was testing the beta in multiplayer and I thought the performance was great, even with the trees the minimum fps I got was 24fps, and most of the time it was 28-40 fps, but then I switched to single player mode and I was surprised, the road where I used to get 24 fps was 12fps in sigle player, the only place where fps went back to 30 was in the city, it’s quite ironic since games generally have a worse performance in multiplayer mode, right here my thanks.
@SDGNelson Please fix :smile:

All tests were obtained on the Normal sandbox map

Probably players with more powerful PCs may not have noticed the problem.

Intel hd 520
i3 6006u
4gb ram




I have been doing various performance tests in Unturned 2 but I have not been able to see what you mention in such detail, I will try it

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Depending on your hardware you may not notice, the point is that the game performs better on servers than on the single player.

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4 GB in 2020
Laptop CPU
Integrated graphics

Also yeah the server does some of the work for the client, although ranted I did not expect the difference to be that big, even on a toaster.


Well, maybe on stronger PCs the loss is not as significant for example 70-80, but on weaker PCs it makes a big difference.
Looking at the fps rate, did you have that loss too?
About the end of your text, I don’t know if you understood what I meant, but the FPS on the servers is higher.

Yeah, since

Eh, prolly not. Too lazy to map the FPS now, didn’t before anyway so I don’t have those figures.

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Ok, thank you in advance, we will wait for more information in a short time, this should be resolved. @DeusExMachina
The main point is how there is such a huge performance difference between the two, at 3.0 the performance in multiplayer mode is worse than in single player, and that goes for other games as well.

In some moments it is 6-10 fps, even if I lower the resolution scale to 46%, it continues with low fps, while on servers with 100% of resolution scale the minimum is 24 fps, the difference is very big

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