Unturned II performance

I just got acces to the private beta today and while I really like how the game looks and feels , I am getting around 50 fps in the shooting range but 100+ in the sandbox . I have all graphics set to the highest possible .
My specs :
Ryzen 7 2700x
Gtx 1050 ti
16 gb ddr4

Edit : Changing the FOV from 60 to 120 doubles the FPS for some reason

Is anybody else having issues like this?

That’s because the game isn’t really optimized yet.

That is not an issue, that is about average performance…?

That however is not


This is a closed beta, lmao, of course, it will have lots of problems.

I know , I was just wondering if anyone else had them

yep, I have similar pc specs (gtx 1050 ti, core i5-7500 and 16 gb ddr4), at least Unturned II distributes pc resources much better than Unturned 3.0 does, for example in Unturned my gpu works at 20-30% only, when in Unturned II it works at 99% that means that my gpu will produce maximum performance.

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Does changing your FOV and zooming in with the sniper scope affect your performance ?

Lower performance on Firing Range should be expected because of how the animations on the objects are currently handled.

Thanks a lot for clearing that up

changing my fov from 120 and above has affected my fps ( it doubled it).

Yeah , it’s pretty awkward . Like , you see more but it runs so much better for some reason .

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idk why honestly it has to work conversely (cuz your pc will render more objects at the same time).

increasing FOV increases my performance as well.


that’s weird, you’d think it would do the opposite.

Edit: it’s doing the same for me to. This sounds like something @SDGNelson should investigate.

In any other game increasing your FOV decreases FPS because the camera range has to render more visuals and light elements, It seems really strange that it would be the opposite in Unturned II.


I have 12 more fps with FOV at the maximum, Unturned II is the first game to have a better performance increasing the field of view; theoretically, the performance should worsen considering that the pc would have more things to render at the same time, imagine when this problem is solved, I believe I can reach 50 to 60 fps :star_struck:

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It makes me optimistic about the final performance of unturned II

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