The FOV increases the fps

Well that was mentioned here but this post is 100% dedicated to that, ok well my experience with fov at 90 I get 28-30 fps in the sandbox, but with fov at 135 I have 38-44 fps, a pretty considerable increase, but this should be the other way around, since more things would be shown at the same time the pc would have more work, this makes me positive since when this bug is solved we can get more fps with the standard field of view.


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Increased FOV in general has some issues. You can more clearly see transitions between different LOD states with it at max. I’ve got a large screen so ever since I set it up I put UII on max FOV settings. I usually see doors and windows go between their different states as I walk past but it’s easy to overlook if you aren’t paying attention or if you’re going a specific way.

Holy shit this really works. When I set FOV to 120+ I get +30 fps

Low effort graph time (this is on shooting range btw)

60 82
70 88
80 89
90 95
100 97
110 110
120 111
130 112.5
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This definitely bears further investigation… :thinking:


That’s good to know, I’ll have to try this out sometime soon.

Maybe it’s the secret towards high fps on craptops?

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That’s a big thunk right there for Nelson to solve.

I tried using cheat engine to increase my fov to become god of fps.

At 90 FOV I had around 40fps.

At 135 FOV the max in settings 80-100

At 179 FOV is the highest I could go whiout screen not working normal 110-120

At 180 fov

At 181 FOV

The camera rotated and whit each fov point increase the effect would be the same whit deacresing it
so 181 FOV == 179 FOV and so one
AT 360 FOV the camera rotated again
and at 361 FOV evreythin went to normal(361==1 FOV)
this thing cycle every 360 FOV


That’s interesting to see, so if we could increase the FOV even higher the trend would still continue. Maybe it’s because everything being rendered is taking up less space on the screen or something.

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I have a hunch, but we will see whether it has actually changed after the Friday update.


I’m still gonna want that high FOV performance, it benefits me and my 32 inch screen. Are we going to get any improvement on LODs going in and out when they shouldn’t though? I believe I mentioned it somewhere else on here but never recorded a video of it.

Following up: it looks like this has been resolved in the update.

The change I made was disabling tessellation on the landscape. It was used to displace the ground when snow built up, however having the tessellation enabled at all was having performance implications like this.

Longer-term the plan is to have a snow plane that follows the camera around and provides the snow/mud displacement (without tessellation), but for now the snow will be flat.


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