Unturned II Random Generated Guns Concept

I came up with a Concept for unturned 4.x: randomly generated guns (inspired by Borderlands)

before i start i have to say english isnt my first language so expect some grammar/spelling issues

the idea is like this, Every gun is made out of 5 (or less parts), these parts cant be taken of or adapted (like attachments) all the parts together are the gun. the gun starts out with a base and gets build around it. stats are based on what kind of parts the gun has. lets say you get ‘‘eagle’’ a base, lets say it has 100 range 20 damage 30 fire rate 40 recoil etc (these stats are pretty random) you could say the stock adds -10 recoil and +20 range and the barrel +10 damage and +40 range. (you also could assign the gun fully random stats only based on what rarity the gun has) the name of the gun is decided on the base +a a random word. so for example the base is called timber and the added word could be wolf or snake or dragon, you name it. then the gun would be called timber-dragon or timberwolf or thunder-snake. the gun could have camo aswell. i think a cool adition to that could be that the camo is based on the rarity of the gun. a common gun normaly has a pretty lame black or wooden collor but if you find a epic skin there could be a chance it has a woodland camo or a desert collor (no flashy neon collors though)

The parts:

the base, the base is the start of every gun, the base decides what type of gun it is (for example sub machine gun assault rifle etc) and every other parts is based on the base (so if you have a shotgun you wont get a sniper barrel etc)


front barrel (this is the barrel that is directy mounted to the gun and can be extended by the end barrel

end barrel

iron sight (this is the only part that can be taken of butnot on all guns )

here is a little (shitty) example of how you can imagine it! ,do keep in mind all these guns are using parts from other ‘‘types of guns’’ wich should not be the case in the final product every type of guns should have its own collection of parts

Im really curious what you guys think of this idea! cheers!


This would be an interesting concept, but I think I would rather see it in a mod.
Plus, the basic mechanic of removing parts from guns and adding them to other ones is already added. For example, you can take the long barrel off a sniper rifle and put it on an assault rifle, in exchange for it being heavier, or you could add parts to a pistol to make a carbine. You could also find random parts in a gun store.


I made a post stating related stuff, if not the same, lol.

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grizzly barrel on a cobra, with maplestrike iron sight oh yes +1 to the entire post
it would be interesting

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In my prev comment, I just wanted to inform you that this theme has been discussed before. Now I’m going through analysis in your post:

Parts should be named according to their specifications and the guns that they’re compatible with, e.g. a NATO 5.56 barrel, wich would fit for these guns:

  • Eaglefire
  • Maplestrike
  • Heartbreaker

The forementionend barrel also having it’s respective variants, such as heavy and/or long barrels (etc.) of the same caliber, therefor the same guns.

Names of guns should rely on the overall system that makes it unique apart from others. However, as gun renaming could be applied for custom names on guns, this should be totally regardless of which parts are used.

Camos should be applied on guns totally regardless of their rarity. Either way, there should be camos rarer than others, but once discovered/learned, those should be applied to any desired gun.

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Awesome post love it!

Like i mentioned every type of gun has its own types of parts so you wont get a shotgun barrel with a assault rifle base etc

That was sarcasm, but okay…

its a good idea, but…

it would be better if that happens if you have parts to make guns so if you have scrap metal and some others you may get somekind of maplestrike-fusilaut

Realism will be a thing in UII; no scrap metal for fixing guns anymore, nor combined guns (there may be more flexible cases for makeshift weapons).

well if that happens then this concepts its totally useless…

Of course not, as you could still swap different parts from two of the same type of gun, according to your needs or preferences.

nah. you were right, thats unrealistic because in real life you cant just swap parts from guns or fix them with scrap.

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wath is the problem of spawn part by party in random places?

Sounds good. Nelson probably knows how to make this work.

Technically not too late to throw the current systems in the trash, but this defeats the purpose of the revamped attachment/component system, and would take things like ability stats in a different direction.

Personally, I’m not in favor of your idea, I’d rather just play the Borderlands franchise.


May I remind you of the attachment monstrocities of unturned 2.0?

Now let’s amp that up a bit.

Shadow-Fang with a bipod, 16xscope, ranger suppressor, tac light, Matamorez stock, and scalar barrel anyone?

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Bulldog that takes nykorev mag, has a lot of range with a shadowstalker mk.2 barrel, a vertical grip, 16x scope and an adaptive chambering. I liked your idea too.

I understand its sarcasm but you are simply giving a wrong example

Seems like a good concept to me, I mean why not. Can’t use real life names for weapons anyway, and this Timber-Dragon example kinda hypes tbh, not to mention that it’s realistic (this will become the new keyword for everything) that during an apocalyptic scenario such as the one that we are going to be thrown in, survivors will try anything in their possibilities to build up an usable gun.

Also, I don’t think that the wallmart will be open, so forget a full build m4a1 x)

Nice idea.