Unturned II Server Hosting Guide

First you need to download the Unturned II dedicated server from the Tools Menu.

Within Steam:

Library>Tools>Unturned II Dedicated Server

Download and install that.

Once that is installed, browse to that Server’s local files.

Right Click Unturned II Dedicated Server>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files

Go to the top of Windows Explorer and copy that path.

You could do this from command line, but we will make a batch file.

First step is to open up notepad. Create a new text document, this document will be used to launch your server so name and save it appropriately.



Explanation of Batch File

The first line “cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\U4DS” is telling the command line to change the directory to that location where the exe is stored.

The second line runs the exe with the listed launch options. First launch option is the map name. Second contains the name of the server for it to show up in the server browser, and the last tells the exe to open a log so you can see what is happening on the server.

It is better to create a batch file instead of simply pasting those launch options into the Unturned II dedicated server properties because you can only have one steam session launched at a time. So launch the dedicated server from steam, you can’t play on it as well. However launching the exe directly through a batch file circumnavigates this limitation.

Last step, change that .txt file extension to .bat and double-click the icon to launch it!


You should see a command prompt window appear for whichever map you chose to host and you are done.

Swap out

In order for other player’s to join your server who aren’t on LAN you will either need to utilize Hamachi or some other virtual LAN adapter, or port forward 7777, 7778 and 27015 on your router.

Hope this helps anyone looking to spin up a server for themselves.


@SDGNelson Just tried testing this method. Server seems to launch normally but joining it doesn’t work.

There was an error during connection to the game.
Host did not reply to handshake.

Looks like I can’t join the server locally either, through my IPv4 which eliminates port forwarding, or firewall as the issue. Is this method still the recommended way to host servers? U4Server.exe is up to date as well, Unturned version and build #.

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With Steam integration enabled the only differences are that port 7777, 7778 and 27015 are used. Players should “find session at address” with the 27015 port.

Some additional tips:

Running a client on the same machine as dedicated server(s) requires specifying the -DisableSteamServerInit launch option. Running a listen server does not require this however.

Specifying a dedicated server name is currently done with the -SteamServerName=“My Server” launch option. In the future this will be exposed in a more user-friendly manner.


Is it possible to host a server on another drive, like a D: drive or E: drive for example?

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Certainly. I don’t see why not. But your file path will look different than what I have there.

Ended up getting it working on an Azure VM. Not sure what the issue was before. When I find out what I did wrong I will update it here. Also I will improve the guide with attached files and images.

Just had the time to update it.

eyy this is really helpful

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