Unturned II suggestions UPDATED 1/7/21

(I edit this list constantly to make it better to read and explain more on topics that need it)

AT a MINIMUM a purchasable GOLD that at least gives you a gold name to say Ive helped support this game financially.

                            **QUALITY OF LIFE/LATER IN GAME**

SKINS / GOLD. !!!ALL SKINS CAN BE WON OR CRAFTED!!!. Camouflage cannot be purchased such as green, black, white, and there camouflage variants. ALL OTHER SKINS CAN!!! Like mythical, legendary, purple, orange, yellow, blue, green, red, in all shapes and forms.

I would love to at least see the option for dual render scopes to make it feel less confined Nelson said it might not be implemented but i personally love the dual render maybe something like siege where the hole screen still zooms but giving the illusion of dual render.

Vanilla way to edit GUI

Different colored lasers including military infrared laser that can only be seen by wearing NV goggles to be more stealth.

Vanilla PM system

Reloads take longer from backpack and quicker from vest?
It makes sense if your pulling your mag from a backpack its going to take a bit longer.

Bandage specific part of body that was hit/hurt
Some games do this maybe it doesn’t fit in u4?

Please bring back CTRL+ Click to quick equip/de equip items
Many people use this all the time in u3 including me.

Many don’t use middle click to close pages and other things but i do ant i think from playing U4 that it would be easier to implement middle click wile hovering over a window to close it would be quicker and easier

When your crouched by a window frame and you aim you automatically stand up just enough to aim over the ledge.

Add Fallout 4 levels of lore watch oxhorn for more info on what i mean he goes really in depth with that game.

GPS shows Group bases / or a way to make perm toggle group and personal way points also Different Types of Map markers.

I know its probably down the line but more and more advanced emotes. like Maybe a type of emote that can make your character say hey im friendly for those who don’t have mics.

Larger more advanced Military bases with more loot more security more bosses and farther away from civilization.

A way for group’s to follow threw all servers.

All zombies have a nightmare mode at night on harder difficulty

With the new skill system Nelson plans on adding how about a system like we have now where you can pick type of character like officer fire fighter spec ops but make it what skills your better or faster at learning.


Craftable tents. Just a quick small beginner tent.

Solar power generator like a generator but smaller working box and only works during the day

Other foundations like triangle, square, hexagonal, Tree house, Floating foundations making building more diverse bases easier.

Rope ladders for an easier ladder to higher places but have less health

Workbenches / tables for very advanced tools and objects

Craftable weapons to go along with workbenches. Maybe more advanced and beginner attachments and or weapons

Flashlight + tape can be crafted onto a gun


Super buff mega zombies and make them extremely hard to survive from.
I love the idea of that classic shiver when your low level in a city with a boss and you know you wont live if you get caught.

Different goggles like night vision and thermal vision.

If your looking at more advanced npc’s like zombies/bandits try to make the bandits go out almost like players and build there own houses/bases in real time so you can spy on bandits wile there not looking or get raided by bandits.

I also think that bigger hordes at night would be cool to see
Like if its night they stick together more than they usually would

Noise levels that attract zombies (Such as building, crafting, walking, raiding, destroying)
Makes sense if your making noise near a city they might pay you a visit

Make the text size modifiable i like it how it is but others might not. To explane more im talking about the interaction menu and you dont know what im talking about unless you play unturned II or play arma

Add wind affecting bullets over very long distances
why not it would make sniping a skill not blind fire it could take practice and balance scopes telling you where to aim

Different boots make different footsteps/hide better or worse in snow.

Red flashlights. the human eye cannot see red Lights from that far away so a dim red light is a great way to stay hidden from a distance and still see what your looking at.

More animals / farming making them more useful.

Fishing for food.

Clearer water/More opaque water
Not all water is the same

Change Red Dot color like you can in Unturned 3

More diverse spawn locations for larger maps

                            INFRARED VS NIGHT VISION

These videos explane it better than me but it shows the difference between thermal imaging(infrared).
(Below shows gillie vs infrared/ FLIR camera)


It doesn’t seem to be your best if they’re commonly suggested or just random ideas you decided to cram into a list

These are already considered on UII Roadmap Trello, implemented for testing in the private demo or is already/going to be part of an existing feature for expansion.

These are either confusing/ambiguous (You’re not properly suggesting, like ‘more lore places’ and 'better military bases), low-priority filler content (Random stuff like different scopes) or just low-effort personal preferences

Better idea: No.

But really, I’d rather make them have average item size but the player cannot store them in the inventory other than holding it.


This is like the P2W drama but worse. You’re adding it on purpose, and it’s a terrible idea with bad intentions

This is not subnautica, and underwater/sunken places are up to the dev/map maker’s choice

Sure, but again the player map/GPS is bound to have expanded features

That’s what the workshop is for

The dev would appreciate suggestions that cover a certain area rather than random ideas without a definitive purpose or intention


Personal preferences yes i love ctrl+click i love lore i love pm’s would be nice in vanilla i would love to see nelson make money mabe weapon skins you might not like them others might. theres always intent weather green to help blend in or cause they look good and nelson needs a way to make money so yes just a suggestion. i appreciate the comments but nither of us are right till there in the game. i also have adhd so it makes it harder to focus on just one idea. and i dont want to make 32 different threads i found it less intrusive to do it this way.


Just as a side note, night vision is for the most part already using part of the infrared section of the spectrum. Some do use ultraviolet and the typical military professional wannabe 14 year old gun nut will come and go “Well akchually they also have image intensifiers that use all sorts of waves to feed into a combined image” but those people can go fuck themselves.
NVGs are deliberately green because our eyes are far more sensitive to different shades of green than any other colour, so making them red would be pointless, and making them blue would just hurt the user’s eyes after extended use as well as pointless for the same reasons red is. This is also how cameras work and I wouldn’t be surprised if some screens did this aswell.

The whole point of a ghillie suit is for it to be hard to be seen. If you want people to be easy to find in the dark, just make them wear high vis vests instead. I’m not sure what you’re suggesting here, it sounds like you want something to be kept as is.

You can’t just add “raytraced” behind something and expect it to be better. 1:1 raytracing during daytime would just turn the entire scene blue-ish on clear skies and darker on overcast weather. There are better (faster and equally good looking) ways to do that by conventional means.


Yes and no to the infrared i mean the bland u3 night vision only amplify’s light green and green would blend but gillie is not thermal isolating so you can still see the people in infrared because they still emit heat it might be more of an pvp as zombies would not emit heat. i know a few things and can come up with some ideas if you wear night vision during the day its going to blind you not so much as infrared heat scope would gillie doesn’t hide the heat you produce unless its more insulating witch could be a more advanced suit

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We have that already, it’s called reshade, and if that’s too technical then I’m sure someone will make a mod for it down the line.

Raytracing is already more-or-less available in Unturned II.


Making a P2W mechanic an incentive for Nelson to monetize Unturned II is scummy as shit.
That’s exactly what EA has been doing for years. Not to mention Wargaming.
The gold upgrade is not exactly a “purchase”, it’s more of a donation. You pay a very small amount of money, out of generosity and just so you’re not left hanging, some added bonuses. “Getting your money’s worth” by having a P2W gimmick with the gold upgrade is not an incentive for monetary gain, it’s going to hurt the game in the long run.

And paying 5 bucks for some more customization options is already getting your money’s worth. 5 bucks is not that much.



C’mon man, don’t compare my hobby to EA, most wargames (at least the ones I play) are at least made so that one player can’t just steamroll the other just because they bought more miniatures, more miniatures tend to work like sidegrades. It’s arguably not a perfect system but nowhere near as nefarious as the stuff EA gets up to.

Apologies for getting into angry nerd mode, I’ve just had lots of friends immediately nope out of wargaming because It could technically be called P2W.

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To clarify for the sake of the discussion: darkySP probably isn’t talking about miniatures. They’re talking about video games. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wargaming_(company)


yeah, they’re the same people that makes those ‘‘World of ____’’ games that are pretty good but have shitty monetization methods. it’s a very strong case of ‘‘we are blatantly doing anti-consumer shit, but have fun trying to find another game with as good mechanics as ours’’ and they get away with it just because there are no good competitors to it on the market. and yes, in world of tanks, you can literally pay for camouflage.

I have to say, most of your ideas are either bad, like the paid camouflage or the very loose ‘‘more lore and secrete places’’, or just already suggested ones like darker nights. look, no hard feelings, I genuinely don’t think you’re a bad person or anything, and sorry if I do come off as a tad bit hostile, but this entire post is just very pointless.


Oh, ok then in that case i totally agree with him, played a bit of world of tanks and yes, that is EA-level shit

Well, it took me 1,500 battles to nope out of World of Tanks, so i gave it a chance.
Most of the really good tanks that they put out (that are not purchased with gold or part of the tech trees) are a limited-time event where you have to play nearly all day non-stop and hope that you have good RNG and battles, so you get enough experience to do it. And even then, tanks that you can buy for 20-30 bucks are STILL better than those.

If you go free, it’s a total grindfest that gets slow as fuck once you reach Tier VII and VIII.
And this wouldn’t be a big problem, if the game didn’t put you with tanks 2 tiers above you that you can’t penetrate with ordinary ammo, so you want to buy APCR and get greeted by -10,000 silver for ammo and -30,000 silver for tank repairs.

Yeah, sorry, if it takes me 1,500 battles to farm up to 1 Tier IX tank and upgrade it at max with the occasional premium account, i’ll call it P2W. I’m not playing games to obsess over tanks and gold upgrades, i want to play a decent tank game. War Thunder is not much different, too.
So far, my best videogame experience with tanks is in Squad, which is not even about tanks themselves.

EDIT: I thought miniatures were something from World of Ships (that i haven’t played). Everything i said still counts to Wargaming’s scummy monopoly on Tank and Warship battle games, but not as heated.


I love how you just compared Nelson Sexton to EA because Nelson already has skins that are purchasable in unturned 3 his latest game open to the public. so who is really the scum.

Don’t try to be cheeky.
We’re not comparing Nelson to EA, we’re comparing your idea of “getting your money’s worth” with paid features to EA.
If you’re suggesting something new; no. If you’re talking about the fact that you can make your character green like the grass, that’s not great either, but it’s not what we’re talking about.


This was sent to nelson first it was saying nelson makes his money worth im sorry i did not enplane that first. i dont want others to make money off skins or this new game its not theres i would love nelson to make his money worth and for us to look good in game also thank you for finnaly explaining what you ment so i can fix my mistake.

We aren’t even talking about the same thing lol, I thought you were referring to miniature tabletop wargaming (40k, x-wing, etc), I didn’t remember that the company who made W.o.T was called wargaming(.net). As I stated I too played a bit a bit of W.o.T and yes, I do agree with you , there is certainly nefarious stuff going on there. Sorry for mixing things up there, I’m guessing I came off as a real jackass.

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I don’t imagine how a tabletop game would be P2W.
Also, it’s fine. Shit happens, i don’t take internet stuff to heart since 2012


I think it comes from the fact that you pay real money for forces (even though they’re physical objects that cost money to make)

I’ve also just realized I completely derailed the thread, so back to this guys ideas.

Having P2W only 25% of the time is still P2W, If Nelson really wants/needs to monetize UII there are better ways to do it. I do favor cosmetics but not the kind that would directly give someone an advantage just because they paid money. I would prefer a system where achievements would unlock cosmetics, for example if you got the achievement Unturned (kill 1000 zombies) you would unlock a cosmetic that would have tally marks all over your gun.

To be honest I agree with you on this, I do prefer dual-render scopes, what it comes down to is if Nelson’s current scope code would support dual-render, I don’t know much about this on a technical level but it seems like it was made an entirely different way.

Definitely looking forward to this in workshop maps, It would be possible on official maps but it might negatively affect the amount of time it takes to make a map.

In general thank you for updating and organizing your suggestion, it made it much easier to read this time around.

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Im always happy to explane more update and admit im wrong sometimes we all are i just needed a starting place on a new website i dont know how to use

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