Unturned ll looks AWESOME :D

Iv really been thinking about the look on 4.x and the more i look at it the more i like it

Just look at these pictures and screenshots :heart_eyes:

I just cant get over how good the game looks, love it :heart:

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I mean yeah sure but I don’t think that’s enough content to make a forum post


so your just saying it looks good? ok. I mean, we all have seen these before so…


Shameless plug if you want UII wallpapers

looks like a whole new game, just hope it optimized well and aswell I rly hope theres all sorts of new features.

Well I mean… that’s quite literally exactly what it is.


Thats the joke my dude

that… wasn’t a joke

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Yeah your right

it’s Wednesday my dude.
( if you see this tomorrow c: )


(if only we could play it)

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