Unturned Trivia #2

Here, have a 30-question quiz to test your knowledge on extroidinarily random Unturned subjects.
https://join.quizizz.com code 235259

Thanks to @RedCo for creating the first Trivia, where I then got the idea to create a random ass one with tons of questions nobody knows the answers to, because it’s either too complicated and hard to remember or so long ago nobody would remember.

edit: fixed link


Canada was the first map to have submarine though.


r e a l l y n o w ?

I don’t remember. my friends don’t remember. if I get concrete evidence I’ll try to change it.

It was in the top right corner of the map.

I can only find this about it.



You can see it in the GPS view for the map.


Edited the response. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

longest streak 2

when you create a trivia for one of your favorite games but can barely get 1/3 of the questions right on another guys trivia

smh my headddddddddddddddddddd

35 percent.
Ow my pride.



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eeeey, 15/31. Not bad i guess.

I don’t remember 2.0 having skyscrapers or a S7 base. Are you sure about that?

Did the question say 2.0? Otherwise it’s fairly obvious to assume it means 3.0

Early PEI Stratford did have a skyscraper or two, next to Mili hill. Plus, stratford wasn’t in 2.0. Woodbury was

I’m fairly sure, might just be tired though. idk

tfw a few of the questions come from trivia I posted on reddit


:man_shrugging: most of them I got from my really old guide. Might’ve nagged some things from you :smirk:

Spec Ops beret is actually Bill’s

The image didn’t even load for me, i just had a suspicion he’d pull the ol’ “Is is a birch gate or a metal gate” trick and got it right by sheer luck

edit: nuuu he edited it now i look like im just bringing this up for no reason xD

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I probably was wrong, because those 2 gates are very similar

They are actually too similar

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Wow that’s uncanny.

Like he literally just copy-pasted and darkened the textures.

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The handle could be at least wooden yellow
)Nolsen, many tinns 2 fix in 3(