Unturned Vehicle Update

FIX THE CARS. Between the broken physics, desync, rubberbanding, and other issues, all of us Unturned players need this update. This update could bring a lot more players in and make modding waaay better. Also maybe add a second option for the car such as siren so modders can add more detail such as blinkers or the ability to make it so you can open your truck bed and have high beams (lights) and low lights. Well I know my second suggestion is unlikely but pls for the love of the game FIX THE CARS!


The base game cars definitely need an upgrade and desync/rubberbanding has been a large issue for servers with mediocre hardware. Cars most definitely need fixed.

For the secondary siren button, I don’t see why not. We already have a button that is in the perfect place: Shift.
I can’t remember if it’s binded to anything though. If it’s binded to something like taking the battery out then I’d argue that having a second siren button there is much more important.
It’d allow for much more customization than even what you’ve stated. Stuff like drifting would feel much more natural with the shift key. You could have a convertible roof while having drifting or a boost. And I know one madman would figure out a way to make actually working shifting (conceptually it should be possible with 2 buttons).

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If I remember right, shift is used as a sprint for stamina-powered vehicles like bicycles.


I think it would be better to keep shift as an action key on cars. Cars already have the ability to utilize the shift key to boost their speed. If you want to see that in action, check out Vehicle Expansion by Raider as some of the sports vehicles support this function to have both normal driving and fast driving when holding shift which uses stamina.

I think it would be better to add support for “Q” and “E” for blinkers as it’s already utilized in game to swap view side angles and bend side to side, and it only makes sense that “Q” would toggle the left blinker and “E” would toggle the right blinker.

Personally I think those two functions being added would be easy to implement in new vehicles. I also have to state that the current issues with vehicles on servers is due to the way the game deals with both server and client side which makes it hard to sync vehicles from both server and client side in real time. There is likely a limitation in the way that vehicles are currently being handled on the server side to the client side which is what’s causing the client side lag as the server is likely being prioritized in the accuracy of the vehicles position and rotation within the server, which is then sending information to the client that isn’t in real time or being prioritized. Nelson did improve the vehicles with the suspension update quite a while ago which has definitely made vehicles much more stable in game, but obviously something is happening between the server and client side of vehicles positions.

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Unturned 4.0 cars are really good so far, maybe it could be moved into 3.0?

what is this suspension update youre talking about

Physics profiles were added to vehicles I forget how long ago. You should notice it on recent curated maps, but vanilla profiles weren’t tweaked to perform much better.

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You don’t get it, unturned is just a “hobby” of Nelson apparently. He doesn’t look for advice, since he has either declined or outright ignored numerous prior attempts of community members reaching out and offering a solution to the car physics.


Lol, lmao even

This is true, I can understand why he goes with the “its my game I don’t want help” approach but it is just straight up hurting the game

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not hurting, but killing even. It really pisses me off how the modders and their advice is being put aside, especially since the modding community kept the game alive since 2018. nelson is either completely oblivious to the issue or he does that knowingly and honestly, I don’t know which one is worse. We dedicate tens or sometimes even hundreds of hours to modding and we aren’t even taken seriously for the most part.

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We agree that modding is an important part of Unturned! A majority of the updates in 2022-2023 included modding feature requests by modders, or changes we made to support the longevity of modding the game (e.g. asset parser rewrite, improved asset loading, moving away from IDs). We’ve also spent a lot of time improving our official modding documentation last year.

Many modders have reached out to us over the years with suggestions or questions about upcoming changes. We’ve regularly responded to a lot of these messages, and plan to continue doing so in 2024.

I don’t have any specific news to share about potential updates for 2024 right now, but this year we do want to have more updates that target content available with the base game itself (similar to the tail-end of 2023).

make a new curated map or else…

In my view, one of the biggest issues with vehicles right now is that the physics are run on the client and replicated to the server. This is why cheaters can fly cars and why the server rubberbands vehicles that are moving “too fast”. (i.e., ideally this would be my highest priority vehicle issue to resolve) Unfortunately, unlike walking movement, vehicle/rigidbody physics can’t be resimulated on demand, so if the server disagrees with your client’s predicted vehicle physics there’s no way to replay your inputs from a common agreed upon starting point.

If vehicle physics were/are selected as one of the next major reworks I’d like to at least try out server authoritative simulation. That would bring a few improvements worst case like helicopters not immediately stopping when the driver gets out, for example.

Contrary to what others have posted, as far as I’m aware there hasn’t been a definitive suggestion to replace the vanilla vehicles’ physics profile. Part of the reason for adding the vehicle physics profiles as an option in the first place was to be open to feedback on tuning them.

One weird thing with the vanilla vehicle is that in general their physics wheels don’t line up particularly closely with the visual wheels. If doing a major vehicle update, I’d probably opt to go through and sync those up, and also add vanilla support for visual suspension. Mods that add visual suspension currently aren’t great for performance because they’re always simulating a second set of springs purely for the visuals. Instead, vanilla support would use the existing results from the actual wheels and replicate it to everyone.

Recently I’ve seen a few people criticizing that in my bio I write “hobbyist game developer.” If you use the definition that a professional game developer is someone who earns income from game development, then sure, I’m a professional. If it’s whether I conduct myself professionally, then yes I think for the most part I act professionally. Perhaps not humble to say so, but in part I choose to label myself a hobbyist as part of staying humble.

Practically anything that changes in the game is in direct response to community advice and support in some way or another.

I don’t think I had a good way to articulate this before, but the other day YouTube recommended a video to me about “why YouTubers are quiting YouTube” which got me thinking. Their message was that video creators initially start posting to YouTube as a creative outlet and because they enjoy making videos. As their channels grow, they feel the push to post more frequently, to expand and grow, but growing past a certain point requires bringing on other staff like video editors, producers, artists, etc. Going down that route necessitates more-so a management role than what they originally enjoyed: creating videos.

Making video games is a dream job. I know I’m incredibly fortunate to be in the position of working on Unturned as a full-time career. I enjoy many of the creative tasks involved like:

  • Programming
  • 3D modeling
  • 2D art
  • Animation
  • Level design (though it’s been so long it feels intimidating now)

Some parts of running the business I’ve delegated for a long time, like tax preparation/filing (accountants) and legal agreements (lawyers). Molt has also been incredibly helpful in many ways from working closely with all of the community teams, to administering the servers, to upgrading and significantly expanding the modding documentation.

These are relatively hands-off on my end. For the development of the core game, however, I would need to take on the manager role. There’s long been a lot of pressure to go that route. It’s not something I have much - if any - interest in, though. I’d much rather be having fun programming, modeling, animating, etc. That does limit the potential for growth, but despite this limitation, I think Unturned is clearly a much better and more robust game than when it first released. Admittedly everywhere I look at the game I see room for improvement, but I think that will be true of everything I make no matter how much I update it. Nowadays I feel less like parts of the game are fundamentally broken, and more-so that it’s a choice of what to make better next.

For the past few years I focused primarily on improving the foundations of the game and implementing feature requests. Relatively recently I’ve shifted gears back to the gameplay programming and creative tasks, and been really enjoying it.

TL;DR: I want to be a game developer, not a manager.


Hi, have you ever considered maybe hiring some other devs to help you out?

He literally said he wants to develop and not manage of course he won’t

Lowering the center of mass would make them be tolerable off-road, for example a snowmobile can become actually useable if you just lower the center of mass a little:

Improving vehicles physics wouldn’t even be that difficult given that.

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Been asked many many times, answer was always no.

“For the past few years I focused primarily on improving the foundations of the game and implementing feature requests” Vehicle physics are one of the foundations of the game and their fix has been requested for a long time lmao

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To clarify, the “foundation” of the game would be things like how the game runs behind the scenes, how assets are loaded, the codebase the game is built on. It isn’t referring to gameplay features, which would be the “gameplay programming and creative tasks” part.

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Lowering the center of gravity / center of mass has long been supported, I think all the way back to when vehicles were first introduced in 2014. Currently, by default, it overrides with the center of all the tires’ lowest point. IIRC I felt there were some downsides/tradeoffs to lowering it much further - too bad I don’t have notes about the reasoning behind those. It would make sense to revisit/revise if doing the vehicle revamp though.

This was the main focus of the second half of my comment earlier in this thread (for more context).