Uses for handcuffs

I thought we could handcuff players to the cars by fencing, handcuffing zombies that fell to the ground leaving them harmless (but they might bite), handcuffing a player’s legs making him unable to walk, handcuffing a prisoner himself (useful mainly in RP servers) .

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I really hope BDSM isn’t a thing.

It’s only a thing when you give it attention.


I do like the idea of cuffing the zombies too stuff, I could create a true Zombie Fence.

I think simply being a junk item for scrapping is good enough. Can’t add something to support a community-based playstyle in servers.

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Really but I think the possibility of handcuffing players to some object should be considered.

Yeah, handcuffing players the usual way is the least you could do with it.

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