What about kidnapping people?

What about being able to tie up/handcuff players and being then being able to shove them in your trunk so you could kidnap them? You could then take them to your base and lock them up, look through their inventory, take stuff and maybe even force feed them? Idk I thought that would be kind of cool


What is wrong with you people? /s


get in the van kids


I feel like this is a serious question.

Players should become unconscious only for a couple seconds (1 minute at max) so the attacker can quickly look through that persons inventory and run away.

Why does everyone want to make others unable to play?


This has actually been a criticism of every post above.

Sure, capturing someone against their will sounds fun…until you’re on the receiving end and literally can’t do anything. It’s like DarkRP in Gmod, but even worse.

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Definitely would be cool if there was more things to do than just raiding

Seeing as Unturned II has been known for months now to shift focus to more hardcore, survival-centric gameplay, you can rest assured that this was already the case.

This is a bad idea player could just quit game or suicide to escape . It wold be cool but there is no way that a game developer can balance this and make it fun for both players.

If he quits while handcuffed he should die and drop his items

That isnt a perfect solution because what if he loses conection for example he will lose all of his stuff for no reason. Also alive person is more valuable then dead

If it gets added it will probably be like this
If a player leaves while being a hostage his character will still stays in the game , he can be dragged by other players where they want.
When a player joins back he will be at the place where they dragged himn

If you are kidnapped you already lost your loot, so dying doesnt mean anything.

But your idea is also good

Calm down everyone, if nobody wants in on players being kidnapped, why not NPCs? That can be a good replacement in my opinion, because it’s the computer, not another person behind a screen.

Why would you kidnap npcs?

For the sake of raiding their inventory, using propaganda to persuade them to join your ranks, or simply sadism of the payer kidnapping the NPC.

You could just kill him and get his inventory. It wouldnt be fun having a computer trapped anyway

But that’s where the ‘Joining ranks’ part can be useful. Listen, if more people don’t appreciate this idea I’m trying to convey, I’ll remove my comments here, kapeshe?


Why would you remove it. Dont remove your opinion. Its better to express it here, it doesnt have to be a comptetition who is liked the best.

The joining ranks part could work but that is to assume thats how the factions and things would work

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Sounds like a great idea. Looking forward to torturing some infidels



Seriously though, I think seeing something like this would be real cool.