Abducting People

Hold up, I ain’t no child snatcher. But if you manage to handcuff someone you should be able to go up to them and have a prompt to grab them, this should let you move them but at a cost the person moving them will be unable to shoot or use items while grabbing the person. It’d be cool if you could shove them in a car and them not being able to get out unless you let them out. This could lead to people being taken prisoner. It’d be cool if you could get a taser, and tase someone and lead them to be unable to move giving plenty of time to run away or take them prisoner. Also a quick poll, do you reckon a suicide button should be implemented?

  • Suicide should be allowed
  • If the player wants to die it has to actively search for a way to end his life.

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Yeah I think you shouldn’t be able to suicide while being handcuffed.

But again, this forum is filled with emus. And they’d love to prove me otherwise.

Oh and, disconnect button exists.

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You could try to what combat log does, if you disconnect while hand cuffed you just die and drop your items. You could also impose a penalty of losing more skills and xp then usual to try to sway people away from disconnecting.

Disconnecting should leave sleepers.

I would have nightmares playing multi-player. Can you guys imagine, having this in-game, along with a bunch of 8 year olds… Yeah, doesn’t seem very appealing now does it.


This is something i have always wanted. I wanted it in ark, rust and in every otgher survival game that i have played. In Dayz(At least i think it is because i do not have that game) you could handcuff someone and take of his clothes and take his guns and food. That was already fun. But I also wished that you could take people hostage. And it would be even cooler if you could fight against being taken hostage. Like pressing buttons or something. And that the hostagetaker needs to also match button to keep the hostage cuffed. But then he is in a car. aHe can also try to escape or something.

It would give you a lot of adrenaline if you get taken hostage and need to escape.

The entire forum is against mashing buttons. Because the fact that people can get programs that will press those buttons for them.

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I thought people were against it because those mechanics were just boring, tbh. Macros are bannable anyways

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If the game could actually detect your macros.

For over a year now, BattlEye has detected and banned/kicked players in various games for using macros.

If you mean just in general (such as in the case it didn’t detect your specific instance of using a macro tool), that logic can apply to anything when we consider hacks, cheats, exploits, etc. Any situation can be unfair due to macros, exploits, etc., if that’s what you were trying to get at.

The thing is lots of mouse software comes with macros build into the software, so if you ban that you would ban tons of innocent people. Example: Corsair Utility Engine. It has lots of uses outside of macros, but macros are bundled with it.

To start, BE is typically set to kick for macro tools, not ban. That aside, you have to use them to be kicked for them. Hence why you don’t see hundreds of forum posts complaining about being punished for using certain hardware/software while playing x or y game.

Not that it’s super important to me anyways though since I still don’t support “mashing buttons” as a mechanic, regardless of the reason others may not want them.

Supposedly, it can tell the difference between “no recoil” scripts/macros and other things. If that was somehow true, then there would be less reason to be worried about it. Considering you didn’t seem worried until I mentioned it’s already a thing, I don’t see the issue. False bans resulting from opening (but not using) an application that allows for macro configuration doesn’t currently seem to be an issue in U3, so why assume it’d be one in Unturned II?

Of course, there’s a possibility that U3 just isn’t set to trigger any sort of reaction from using macro tools, but that wouldn’t explain why games that do still don’t receive complaints.

Are there games that actually do this as a punishment for combat logging? Just curious.

It was just an idea, wiggeling at a specific tempo would also be good i think. And if you have cable ties you need to wiggle very fast to get free and for handcuffs you need to do it very carefully or something.

For starters I dont support the actual idea either, just wanted to clarify that.

About 6 months ago I made macros, mostly to see how the annoying semi auto cycling worked, and I played on creative servers with them, without a ban/kick, and also made a recoil macro for the nykorev without kick/ban. Battleye does kick/ban for “inhuman” macros (or atleast did in rainbow 6 seige) where you make one to click or do anything ridiculously fast, and I assume unturneds battleye isnt much different.

Also I dont know anything about battleye outside of experience, so keep that in mind

I remember alot of minecraft plugins doing that, probably where people are getting the idea from.


cable ties get damaged whether you do it quickly or not.


It’s harder than it seems.


Basically what I said aswell a while ago. I agree and like this idea.

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