Variable Throttle

Basically, this idea involves UII’s cars having a throttle that ranges from 0% to 100%. With controllers, this can go to any value between the aforementioned range. With a keyboard, you can’t emulate this as you’re either holding down a key or not (unless you have one of those fancy analogue ones). To circumvent this, you can have a system where simply holding down ‘W’ puts the throttle at 50%, but if you hold down ‘Shift’ at the same time, you have 100% throttle.

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Having access to half throttle isn’t a bad idea, no reason not to include it.

manual cars would also be nice


Actually I would prefer holding down a key (ex. Alt) to have 50% throttle, kinda like watch dogs 2, if you’ve played it.

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I mean, shift is usually a boost key such as in HL2 (where it provides momentary turbo) and I can assume many other games. The system I based it off is actually an addon for Garry’s Mod which adds vehicles and uses this exact functionality which works really well.

I’m sure it wouldn’t be hard to have a togglable option for it to invert like this however.

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But can we also have a turbo feature as a separate thing? :thinking:

From my limited knowledge of cars, doesn’t turbo (like an actual car part) kick in at a certain RPM/speed? Because in that case, if a car has turbo I’d assume that it would activate if you’ve reached and a certain speed, and I don’t see 50% throttle allowing you to attain that.

Yes, but realism for the sake of realism is bad.

REEE turbo drifting NFS style

Also, generally agree with post, nice idea.

This is probably already implemented, Unreal’s car system uses values to drive the throttle and steeting. It will probably work as you plan with a gamepad already.

There are turbos that has a long rpm range, but doesn’t have mucht of that torque boost, and there are also the turbos that kick at a certain rpm, with a low range, that has that “boom” when you’re driving.

Maybe a throttle control with more authority? For example, holding shift raises throttle, holding ctrl decreases it, pressing X cuts it and pressing W sets it to 100%?

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Kerbal Space Program just called, they want their controls back.

Find me one person that would want that. It seems very clunky for cars.

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Well, I’m under the impression that it isn’t added for keyboard yet. It’s definitely a given that it is implemented for controllers.

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It doesn’t work for keyboard bwcause the vakue otputed by the keyboard is either 1 or -1. The moment you assing the gamepad and move the analog stick a litthe it would output different values. And how would it work with a keyboard?

The topic at hand was moreso having a throttle modifier (shift) that changes the throttle from say, 50% to 100%. If you read my other comments you’d know that I’m fully aware that keyboards are not analogue. My reply to you was because I was under the pretence that you only thought I was suggesting this for gamepads/controllers.

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Fuck, you caught me.

As I previously suggested in my first ever post, the Vehicle Overhaul, I’d like for watercraft and aircraft to have this function as they operate like that IRL.

Land vehicles…not so much. You have a gas pedal, not a throttle stick.

Did you even read the post or just the title?

I’m saying that both keyboards and controllers should have variable input for aircraft and watercraft (ideally through a system similar to that of War Thunder), while both platforms should have binary input for land vehicles (meaning controller players would either be at 0% or 100%, and no in between).

What you suggested over a year ago was that on planes and boats the acceleration should remain constant* until the player chooses to throttle up or down, mimicking how IRL a throttle stick stays in the same position without being actively pushed. What OP is suggesting is that you should be able to control how quickly you’re increasing acceleration by how far you push the analog stick/whether or not you’re holding the shift key, mimicking how IRL you can control how hard you’re pressing on the gas pedal or pushing/pulling on the throttle stick.

*I’m ignoring the negative acceleration from gravity and friction, to keep this reply under 4 paragraphs in length.