Vehicle customization

I’ve always wanted to be able to import Jpegs or PNG files onto the side of a vehicle or use an editing tool to drawn on the side of them. Maybe it would require paint and or certain experience.

Maybe something similar to what we have with Weapon Skins currently?
Where there’s a single PNG image wrapped around the vehicle which could then be modified.

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This would be a disaster. If anyone has played games such as TF2, CS:S etc, you’d know that there’s two types of things people spray. It’s either porn or memes. And giving players an option to import an image would basically be adding this. Sure, you could add an option to turn these off, but I doubt anyone would use them.

And don’t suggest something like ‘the server admin has to approve it’. The admins don’t want to deal with accepting/denying images.


Thanks for sharing. Yeah I see your point well maybe there could be skins for vehicles? I don’t know if there already are.

There are skins for vehicles. I’m fine with these, but I’m not sure if they’d return in 4.0.

Needless, there is one skin for a vehicle in 3.0, which is the santa sleigh apc

There’s also Offroader skins (in the files atleast)

Some people have Offroader skins in their inventory.

One option in-game to avoid inappropriate content would be to choose from stencils when applying paints, and then allowing mods to introduce extra patterns/sprays. Allowing a lot of persistent decals would have a large performance cost, however, so it’s something to be carefully considered.


Would these stencils be an item from the market or a set that you get to choose from, with extra options with the Gold upgrade?

That’ll be nice to have kinda like a decal and you can color it with whatever type of color you want…also I would like to ask if we could suggestion certain stencils to be added? @SDGNelson

Funny how everyone likes your posts no matter what they say, you could post something random like hi and still get a million likes xd

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Nelson: ‘I have now decided that 4.0 is cancelled forever, 3.0 is to be removed from steam, and I will spend the rest of my days kicking puppies and eating frozen pineapple pizza while talking about how console is superior to PC’


Yeah I don’t disagree with Aj’s post


He’s just a popular guy that everybody does like because he created the game that everybody likes. But yeah it’s funny

Well, in his defense Nelson is a very humble, approachable person who hasn’t lost his charm.

Also he’s a fellow Canadian, how can you not be nice in return

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If you’re referring to the former “Apollo’s RP” Discord, then yes

Haha yup xD it’s now just Apollo Cafe and it’s complete garbage I’m now.

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