Vehicle Update Part 1 Teaser 1

WIP teaser of some of the work for the vehicle update coming this year. Changes to 62 vanilla vehicles, including all 36 car-type vanilla vehicles so far.




Could we be seeing standing on vehicles this update? If so plz keep planes and helis in mind so a clan can’t stand on an Annushka :sob:


Impressive work, Nelson! Hope this update will be soon already in-game. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What was the fix?

We are so back :griefer:


Have you considered making the spare tires on the offroader and such functional? Like let players remove it with a socket wrench and use it to replace another tire, if it gets shot off or something. Then let it be replaced so new tires can be stored there if the player wants. Pretty minor but it would be a cool detail!


I think this may have been mentioned before but can’t remember. I know that supporting more than 4 removable wheels for like the fire truck was definitely mentioned in the past.


This falls under “Input Improvements” which was the second-highest voted priority for 2024. :griefer: Probably not yet in the first of the vehicle improvement updates, however.

Revisiting the physics settings on all of the vehicles is a big part of improving the handling, but also a relatively small part of the plans for the update as a whole.

Hmm technically I think that would be possible now with some of the new settings but probably not in the next update.

Yes: Most of the wheel stuff should work properly with an unlimited-ish number of wheels now, however only 8 wheels can be breakable (at the moment). Firetrucks do have six wheels now!


6 wheels!!!

Maybe one day we can have proper support for 16 wheelers. Unturned Eurotruck Sim.


I must ask, as I have a lot of vehicles that would love such a system.

Is a proper skid-steering system on the table? Heavy tracked vehicles are lacking that heavy feel when they drive like cars under the hood.

Progress so far looks amazing. Would give me a reason to remodel the Sagaie to look a little less weird.


Please On Destroyed Hook for the Vehicle Event Hook? :point_right: :point_left: :pleading_face:
A timer for 4 seconds after the fire starts is very janky because of the difference in time for the method that the vehicle is destroyed (by explosion or by dmg) and because you can repair it last second before it blows up but still had the fire triggered.

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i got two questions
how exaclty does the supension work here?, is it going to be a inherent thing of vehicles or is it going to be optional?, if so if it goig to be on by default or off by default?
and also how you plan to takle thing like the apc which got 8 wheels?, how i’ve personally done apcs before is with 8 wheels but 6 tires due to stearing angles so i’m curious

also just a opinion on the rims of the quad, they seem kinda odd more over what it seem to be a inset for nuts, i personally think is a bit too much moreover with the tire still having the sharp edges

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Many of the changes / new features in this next update are tied to new properties that modders can choose to add to their vehicle. Some older properties are deprecated (e.g. Crawler or Num_Steering_Tires) as they’ve been replaced, but these deprecated properties still exist for maintaining backwards compatibility.

We’ll have modding documentation available for all of the new features in the future.


How many parts are expected for the vehicle update?

Something I needed in the past was a slight expansion to vehicle turrets. Instead of using a mounted weapon, I wanted players to be able to stand in the turret and use any weapon of their own as if the turret is a regular seat for passengers.

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Wowie Wowie wow wow!

i see, i’m asking mostly vehicle a vehicle mod that i made has over 60 vehicles without counting color variants so i want to know how much work i’ll have to do to adapt my vehicles to the new update, also i forgot to ask, will different kinds of vehicles like trains and boats also be reworkerd?

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I forgot about color variants existing again. It would apply to things like items as well, but is the vehicle update possibly going to allow things like material palettes in place of making a separate Unity setup for each vehicle color?


Nice work man! Keep going! We are waiting for the update :slight_smile:

Wow, I spend a few days without going to the forum and when I do I come across something like this :star_struck:
I can’t wait to see how heavier vehicles like APCs, Tanks or trucks will perform.