I’d like to see vehicle damage be re-done, because currently, you could shoot an smg at the back of a van and make it explode.

I dont want to see cars exploded by assault rifles and smg, only critically damage it when shooting it at the ENGINE AREA. This will give people a target to shoot at.

Shooting the tires off of vehicles shouldn’t remove the tire, but rather give you a flat tire, which does make the vehicle handling worse, but not completely undriveable.

Shooting the trunk could potentially damage the contents inside, depending on how it works, but not damage the vehicle at all except leave bullet holes.

You could obviously shoot the windows and doors, which would depending on the calibre penetrate the car and leave holes, but not damage the car. This could make the car leak rain inside or be cold at winter etc.

Shooting the refueling compartmant could have a real impact and destroy the vehicle.
You could also shoot of lights and possibly door handles.

With customisation you should be able to add some protection to these parts.
Depending on how far you go, maybe you would leave the car slower or be unable to lock it. Depends on how it would work.

Let me know what you think.


Modularity in vehicles (especially regarding damage and customization) has been very frequently suggested, and I think most people agree the system should see huge improvement for UII.

I do like the idea of varying caliber penetration for vehicles, and it should go hand in hand with the currently planned material penetration mechanics.


What if we do this, but stuff only explodes if you hit a fuel tank with a Tracer round?


Don’t want to advertise my post but read this one while youre at it

Similar suggestion

How about we stop making vehicle suggestions unless they’re super thought out or have actually new ideas. We have literally suggested anything and everything for vehicles. (such as being able to add tank turrets onto normal cars, which was one of the worst posts.)

If the post introduces new ideas, then we’re fine with it, otherwise, just search up your own topic.

Funnily enough, I don’t search up the topics I make posts on, but I know the forum well enough to have a general idea of what needs to be suggested. (Take my NPC towns post for example, not a lot was discussed about npcs at the time, so I threw together a large post on this very phone within a few hours, and tossed it out there. People liked it, and it wasn’t overdone.)

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Then what would happen if lets say some guy gets the keys and logs off in a rp server or something else, then people would waste ammo just too remove it

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