Very quick but ESSENTIAL tweak

Please make rockets from RPG-7 to not drop so horribly. It seems like a very slow and smoky mortar, lol.

It should fly straight and very fast until certain distance, before it simpy explodes or idk.


i think the curve is fine and realistic tbh, ive never had any issue with it, i found the bullet drop on some guns to be off though

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Have you ever fired a rocket launcher after bullet drop update? That’s everything but realistic.

Can’t believe me? Shoot it with very high angle (not straight up lol).

i have, i used to pvp, i honestly havent had an issue with it, you just have to learn the curve, obviously it might not be 100 percent realistic but i think its fine, who knows what unturned 4.0 might have in store though

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Knowing exactly where you’re coming from, the RPG-7 in BrainOut does a very good job of mimicking it’s real life counterpart.

The trajectory of the projectile should have far more thrust power, more speed, and less of a parabolic arc. That’s simply how rockets work.

I’d also like to see the projectile itself be capable of damage, and if the rocket itself passes through an entity, it will deal a good amount of damage. This doesn’t make much sense immediately, but I’ve had plenty of instances where the rocket magically phases through a player and explodes behind them.


yee rpg dropoff is way too dramatic. i think it should behave like a real rocket laucher

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I agree, its basically useless outside raiding rn.

It should definitely arc less. I think giving it less AOE damage but more concentrated damage around the rocket would be a good idea.

The Lancer is basically closer to a more reasonable rocket launcher.

Eh? Average Rocket Launcher/Recoil-less gun’s muzzle velocity is about 220 to 250 m/s.

It’s slower than a sound but lancer is not even a rocket launcher.

It’s still a mortar

Well, yes, but you have to admit that the Lancer is still a huge improvement over the Rocket Launcher.


Not a huge improvement at all :frowning:

It’s not just from Brain/Out. It comes from MoH, Insurgency… And basically almost every single shooter where RPG-7 appears (I’d say also from IRL, but I’ve never shot one… Yet :wink: )

Yeah, I was just using BrainOut as an example because it’s accessible, has overlap with the Unturned community, and also knowing you play it.

I agree with everyone else. The rocket launcher in 3.x is very strange and awkward to use with the way it works, the only thing making it an RPG is its appearance.

Yet another suggestion involving ammunition and the RPG-7 is a different ammo type. You’d have the PG-7VL which is 93mm HEAT which is effective against vehicles and buildings. This could be the typical ammo type. Then there’s the OG-7V which is designed to be anti-personnel by having a fragmentation warhead. Just an interesting idea which fits the style of other ammo type variations.


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