Let's just swim into f*****g ballistics suggestions! >:T

I didn’t really wanted to make this post (and at the same time I was wishing so hard to do it) because it seems that eveyone got the whole gunplay theme covered, as it’s a topic which interests to everybody, but there are some stuff missing… Stuff that I was kinda sure someone will talk about sooner or later. But no one did, so I decided to write my own suggestions, despite most of my suggestions are oriented to PvE and other gameplay aspects besides guns.

Remember this?

This was sort of random stuff; I had to lend the PC so I just wrote that real quick. Regardless,that’s not the only suggestion I have for ballistics.

I warn you, this post is the titanic big brother of my last one (you guys know me :wink: ).

So what are we discussing today?

Effective and maximum range

Everyone talks about effective range, and understand it as the distance a bullet can travel and harm. But also, currently in 3.x this same range leads to the misconcept of the maximum range.

And why does this happen? Well, because there’s something missing: we got bullet drop, but we haven’t got damage drop yet.

First the explanation: how does this work?

I got this idea from Contract Wars and Heroes & Generals (and probably it works like this in many other hardcore shooters), and it’s basic principle is that the further the bullet travels, the more strenght it loses.

Currently in 3.x guns just have maximum range, which also is all the way long effective, meaning the bullet does the same damage, no matter how much distance it travels. Adding the damage drop mechanics would make it harder for anyone to snipe away others with the wrong gun.

Said this, it’s good to recognize that most CQC or low caliber guns have ridiculously flawed range, meaning that if this change is applied, it would result into a catastrophic nerf to these guns. To counteract this, it would be necessary to buff these guns’ max range (I’d do these buffs even if damage drop isn’t applied).

Also in 3.x, when bullets reach they maximun range, those just disappear, when IRL they just hit with much less force when they finally land onto something after travelling insane distances. Bullets should travel until they hit something (ofc with quick despawn time in case those are shot upwards), dealing much less damage if they hit beyond their max range.

Have these screenshots as example. Notice the small graphic at right bottom corner that states effective distance and damage drop as the bullet goes through further distance (measured in meters).

All images and stats are for comparisons and references. This is not intended to suggest all of the example guns to be added (some already exists in the game) nor the whole statistic layout to be applied, although it’s really nice.

WARNING: large sections of images as follows. All stats screenshots and values are from Contract Wars.

CWClient 2018-04-26 07-09-08-116 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 07-11-37-345 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-03-18-934 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-08-14-832 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-09-51-342 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-10-00-111 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-32-53-904 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-34-53-428 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-34-59-866 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-35-18-106 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-35-31-607 | image

Those all were examples for some assault rifles LMG’s; some names for russian weapons have been changed to contain russian characters. Sniper and battle rifles would have a lot more range of course.

CWClient 2018-04-26 07-08-46-345 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 08-03-15-129 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 08-04-43-127 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 08-04-27-905 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 08-05-15-989 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 08-03-46-195 | image

Following examples are for shotguns, pistols and SMG’s, which currently in 3.x have really short maximum range (mostly not further than 80m), which I consider a big flaw and I think that all of these need at least a small buff

CWClient 2018-04-26 07-09-53-163 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 07-10-18-247 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 07-10-37-538 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 07-27-50-644 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 07-28-15-603 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 07-28-25-198 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-04-42-842 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-07-33-561 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-08-27-948 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-08-31-559 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-09-10-947 | image CWClient 2018-04-26 09-09-36-461 | image

I hope you liked my post, I really appreciate feedback. Sorry for making it too long, I felt the need to put as many examples as possible to vary stat differences, and putting gun screenshots to identify them properly.

Vote below!

  • The whole idea is realistic and fair enough to be included. I’d agree with several tweaks on guns
  • Your idea is fine, but I’d prefer to keep current effective ranges
  • I find some problems with this suggestion… (comment)
  • I don’t like this suggestion; effective distance physics are ok as these work right now

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realy i like this idea but please less examples in the next =D

Just that m8

I like this, but I think ballistics should be more directly impacted by ammunition choice than by the weapon used.

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Caliber would have a base value, then affected by the weapon.

Would snipers be effected by this too? I feel like it would reward players more if you, with lots of practice could hit shots from thousands of meters away. I remember in dayz hitting 4km shots after doing like actual trigonometry to hit it and it was probably the most memorable experience in the game

Snipers could still be able to 1-hit kill, but it would be further more challenging and skill demanding, and also should have to find the proper gun with the proper caliber.

I personally don’t expect any gun in 4.x to have a max range higher than 1.5km; in 3.x there isn’t any gun with a range that passes the 400m, for balance reasons.

Whould this apply to zombie attacks too?

(Spitter, hulk rock, exa)

I disagree, in reality the weapon is what most matters. I think the bullet used should just be a small variable.

We’re talking about bullets, more specifically firearms. Zombies have really few and very short ranged distance attacks, so there’s no need to apply this principle on them.

And btw, what is an “exa”?

In reality the cartridge (which contains the bullet and propellant) determine the baseline ballistics, of which the stability is augmented by rifling, and muzzle velocity is augmented by barrel length.

I am the only one who voted on “problems”.

First: In real life. Most of the 5.56×45mm rifles(M4A1 for example.) are having the…
500m of maximum effective range for the POINT Target,
800m of Maximum Effective range for the AREA(Small vehicles.) Target,
and 3.6KM OF Maximum RANGE.

So how will you implement that function system? If Nelson limits the gunfight range to under 600m, Your idea will become useless…

Second: is your pictures are the part of suggestions? If yes, then don’t even think about it. We cannot compare the everything in graph for only few seconds. And it’s not even realistic.

Best novel I have read this year so far.

I can see your going to lots of effort to make your suggestions, it’s awsome :slight_smile:

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Ok yeah (I don’t know almost anything about guns) point was that that just because you, for example, load a sniper bullet into a pistol doesn’t mean it’d shoot like a sniper. (I know this is a very exaggerated case of what you’re trying to say, also don’t roast me on saying ‘sniper bullet’)

Ok, first of all, let’s do ourselves some questions:

  • How much range does a current 3.x Maplestrike have?

Answer: just 200 meters as maximun range, and bullet drop is sort of insane because of that.

  • Did you even see the charts and graphics I posted?

Answer: probably not. If you do so, you can notice that the example weapon with the largest range is the AWM-F, with a max damage drop range of 520 meters.

  • What am I telling you with this?

Answer: that this feature can be done even if the max distance you can snipe in 4.x is either from 2 miles away or even less than 400 meters like it is currently in 3.x. Of course, we have to take in mind:

Clearly I’m assuming that gunfight limit might remain as the same.

  • How am I so sure this change won’t be useless below 600 meters gunfight limit? (I hope for it to be a little bit higher of course)

Answer: because I took as main reference a game that has this very same feature I’m suggesting and gunfights are dealt in the very exact range you stated or even smaller. And even like that, this system works for that game and isn’t very noticeable unless trying to snipe someone shooting at his torso or limbs with a scoped pistol.

Besides that, I never stated that bullets should travel their RL max range. I’ve actually settled this perspective speaking barely from current weapon max ranges, as I assumed before.

In the very second hand:

The realistic part of the whole this is that for the mere ballistic principle to be implemented. Since there are limits of what the game can emulate and a balance on the gameplay experience must be kept, the application of fundamental principles is enough to depict realism compared to all the sh*t-ton of stuff that Nelson would have to do to make everything work exactly as it does on real life.

Please don’t tag Nelson for things like this.


It really isn’t that hard to keep it civil, guys.

Also use the Report feature next time. It’s there for a reason.


Its hard to understand the post when everything is randomly bolded

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It’s not hard to notice that I just bold key words or sentences for those who doesn’t like to read that much, lol.

Also, you voted that you find some problems with the suggestion, may I know what those are? You questioned my post’s formatting, not the suggestion itself :b

The problem was the formatting.
Everything else is good