Voxel destruction physics


This is probably going to be one of my favorite games.
Graphics is very nice aswell!

My cpu and gpu just crashed by watching that video.


this video was made by

3 fps gang

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Linked this to Do you support dynamic/more complex building Destruction?

I like the video a lot.

It would be great if unturned 2 could have this. Hopefully these things could act as obstacles, and do damage to things.

the dev says it runs 60fps on a GTX 1070, but he’s planning on making a lower-quality setting to work on the 1060. Hopefully my 1050 won’t catch on fire! :wink:

Not sure if it’s mentioned in the video, but this is likely a custom engine (like most hardcore voxel destruction games are). It’s not something you’d find in many games developed in Unreal Engine, or Unity. Voxel rasterization is also a common issue, unless a game has its art style lean into it.

“The most advance physics engine i’ve ever seen” Yeah its probably a custom engine.


back in my day we used to play red faction guerilla

BeamNG has some sexy destruction but thats kinda limited to cars. Space Engineers also has some somewhat simplified destruction, with dents and tears in metals and the earth being possible but not with that much “quality”.

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