Water filter

Find out in civilian homes purify the dirty water need energy from a generator, there may also be a special version of that filter which in addition to taking the soil strip the salt from the water this can be found on marine military bases. the design of common filters can be kkkkkkk download
The special filter can be 33333

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So the filter is more of an option I’ve read your postagen for some time but just to get any doubts I did not copy you.

Common filters don’t actually purify the water, only remove impurities, and that bottom one is literally the same on as suggested in my post dammit.

Filters leave the water pure enough to drink, although in your post you have given many options I have not seen anything about filters, just because a thing is suggested for the same purpose does not mean it is the same thing.

They leave the water pure enough to drink only if the impurities they catch are large enough to be stopped by the filter itself. Dirty water with things like diseases or other viruses/germs often will get through a normal water filter unscathed, and then will require a different way of removing them (I.E. boiling the water to kill the bacteria/viruses).

Sounds pretty normal. Unless when we count in these facts

  • Do you need a canteen to take “dirty” water, and then you “pour” the liquid, wait for awhile and take the “clean” water with a canteen? (with animation?)
  • Can you use a “dirty” bottled water for this type of purification, and having a same animation that of canteen?
  • Can it purify bottled cola, bottled coconaut, other bottled (Or carton) drinks?
  • Or can you connected a filter to a water source via a pipe, then waiting, like how a pump jack works?

Also as nuff said, they only filtered out dirt and other impurities not waterborne microscopic lifeforms. (Unless they “filtered” it out with distillation technique, which makes sense for a sea-water “filter”, but it’s NOT the case here.)

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I’m fairly certain i’m having a stroke after i read that, no offense


In Portuguese, postagem is ~post. The translator couldn’t translate postagen, because it contains a typo.

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as a portuguese i declare postagem as a made-up word

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Who Where?Hot A What Bahaabibat

oops had a stroke sorry

As a person who uses Google translate sometimes, I agree.

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