Water purification

Currently purification tablets are hard to come by in 3.0. As the PvE in 4.0 is to be heavily emphasized, there should be other ways to boil water.

Here are a few suggestions that I came up with.

  1. Boiling
    This simple method removes bacterial and viral contaminants, but not chemical contamination. Only suitable for water such as those found in rivers, streams, and ponds.
  2. Distillation
    Evaporates the water and then condenses the vapor in a seperate container. Suitable for all types of fire, but requires a still and a heat source in order to work.
  3. Iodine
    Found in 2% tincture bottles at pharmacies. Requires five drops per liter, but takes 30 minutes in order to work. Also, it loses potency at temperatures below 68 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius). Like boiling, it does not work on chemical contaminants.
  4. Purification Tablets (chlorine, not iodine)
    One tablet per liter. The most space efficient method. Does not work on chemical contaminants.
  5. Bleach
    Works similarly to iodine, requires three drops per liter, but works in all temperatures. However, the bottle is significantly larger and more bulky. Ineffective against chemical contaminants.
  6. Solar Disinfection
    By leaving dirty water out in the sun for three full days, all microbial life can be effectively killed. However, the bottles must be clear and the sky clear. Does not work on chemical contaminants.

Looks solid.


Looks really neat.

There should be any viable method for chemical decontamination of water to be introduced in-game.

This is pretty survivalistic! How about Laundry pods?

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Great, now tide pods and glue are the drug of choice.

Humor in poor taste, given how many morons are getting hospitalized IRL because of their own stupidity.

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It’s natural selection.

Tide Pods won’t work because they have other stuff in there along with the bleach.

With Unturned 4.0 being centered around survival, more than anything, this is a pretty good concept. I won’t be surprised if Nelson actually had this in mind in the first place.

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