Way to keep people from putting their Important loot inside their inventory when they log off

Now we all know that some people before they log off they take their stuff making it unable for use to take it, Nelson does not like the sleeper feature so what could be a way to prevent bad loot raids by doing something that lets us take the loot from those who log off. Raiding should be a profitable thing and many times its not.

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Raiding isn’t profitable because raiding is too easy, and players would rather store just the bare essentials on their person rather than lose it the next day in a base.

If it takes you a full days work to make a small base just to log off and have it raided when you join on later, even just hours apart, what’s the use of storing rare or excess items in that base?


Maybe a simple solution could be to just limit how much a player can carry.

It would give better incentive to build bases and limit how much a player could potentially log off with.

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I was just about too say that. Maybe we can have a look at their whole loot and only carry some amount home but then the raiders can come back thats the downside

The new game’s inventory is most likely smaller than in Unturned in a way that you can’t carry a lot of automatics and rifles even with a backpack (Well there are more slots in the inventory, but items take more slots as well excluding small ones). Plus, you are hindered by weight.

So basically you can only carry about 2-5 guns depending on the size of them (e.g. 5 automatics and 2 LMGs/military snipers)


Maybe if long guns had slings you could carry multiple rifles and shotguns slung over your shoulder?

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I like that idea.
I am finbe with people carrying more than one long gun, but seamleassly swicthing between those would beyond broken.
As for the orginal topic I think that anything but the flimsiest wodden base should take a healthy beating, even from non pistol-calibre guns.

I think that may be a bit too simple to solve the issue sure people wouldn’t be able to log off with as much loot but if you think about how it is now a lot of the better items arn’t that large to begin with Ex: demo charges, detonator, rockets,ect. and nelson was mentioning that having a car key on you would be an important thing in Unturned II i’m sure that car key wouldn’t take up a lot of space so why not just log off with that? Also if you make it so you can carry significantly less i feel that would make looting and pvp more tedious/less exciting. I still think that sleepers or some other implementation would be the way to go since that would effectively destroy any possibility of combat logging and it would make raids much more profitable in theory. I definitely think that the raid to build balance would have to be extremely equal tho. Ex: 3 hrs or raid prep to raid a base that took 3 hours to build.

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  1. A weight system would incentivise people storing things in bases, while not having annoying like hard caps that would make looting a pain in the ass, instead functioning as a “hey, you should start building a base because your movement speed is starting to tank”
  2. Streamlined crafting system, building storage in 3.0 en masse is a pain in the ass, if you can craft from the ground or something it would be way easier, while still requiring similar amounts of grinding/resources. If harvesting resources is also less of a pain in the ass (Less running around looking for rocks or spam salvaging random things)
  3. Storage being far easier to open than walls, in 3.0 lockers and walls have similar durability, and it ends up feeling really weird. Once you get in you should get in. Having locks/codes would also facilitate this and make raiding more fun.
  4. Fairly regular wipes (monthly or something) would make people more active, both before and after wipes, and would prevent super long term hoarding, and would also promote dynamism on the server.
  5. Hotwiring would prevent car hoarding to a degree, although there should be an upgrade to cars to prevent that so they can’t just get yeeted by some random dude
  6. If there is base decay, there should also be inventory decay at the same rate, with any unique items you have (car keys) just respawning

During your interview Nelson stated he does not like the idea of that meaning that it’s not gonna come till we get him too like that feature

Its because guns can shoot down and destroy and entire base, and because of /kits.

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This is for UII, where Rocketmod plugins and commands are assumed to be less common compared to Vanilla.

That’s true, most of this was because worn rocket mod and since the creator is not working with Nelson then that’s a guarantee that it’s not gonna be out on release

I know he said he wasn’t a fan of the sleeper system but he also said that it may be the solution to a lot of problems that are currently in the game. at the end of the day its entirely up to him i’m just bringing up some of the pros for a sleeper system and if he decides to do something else that’s completely fine.

I was clearly talking abou Unturned 3.0, and so were you.

Well we need to make a compelling argument towards him to see if he will add it

i guess i’ll think on it some more to put together some more pro arguments


And yes, this has been approved by Nelson, so there’s definitely hope in that front!


man, it is a really tough one, isn’t it? how about including the sleepers but it will have limits as other players won’t be able to kill you, take off clothing, and only access a limited part of the sleepers inventory and items will have a limit where it can be stored as car key so it can be stolen keeping it fair. I also thought of making the sleeper act like a locker you will need (chargers) to get to the loot which actually sounds silly maybe a different kind of raiding gear. I think combining these ideas thought could be a solution if not we still need more people to think about this

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I do like the idea of sleepers but to have a limited amount and unkillable type wouldn’t be a good idea because what if they all of the sudden wake up, it glitches and now he has godmode forever