Weapon Jamming

What if weapons start to jam when overheat. I didn’t see this feature in any zombie game. Wouldn’t it be fun when you crossed a zombie swarm and your weapon jamming? I would like to feel that tension :smiley:


I see where this could make a lot of sense, for example mag-feeding a Minimi would make it prone to hella jams, but overheating should be toned down if added. Otherwise LMG raiding would be a living hell.

Play more zombie games, then.

Take my word for this, you very much do not want to feel that tension.


Or by making them completely useless…

Would be “funny” and infuriating when some high tier weapon starts missing its target because it’s too “hot”.

Tbf some form of jamming would be good, I think Nelson has already stated this as a feature on the trello, Either on his wishlist or certain to happen i’m not sure, I’m not sure overheating should be a thing, but jamming 100% should be, as long as it’s not as easy to clear as just reloading to a different mag.

Malfunctions should only happen past a minimum condition threshold. The mechanic should encourage upkeep and maintenance from players. If a player is on top of taking care of their equipment it should always be dependable. Think how in U3 guns start doing less damage when under 50%, but instead it’s chance to malfunction.


Yes, I guess it is a good ideia, as it avoids the spam of automatic weapons, such as ARs and promotes the use weapons such as shotguns and pistols, since they will not heat up as quickly like the automatic guns.
However, I believe that this must be after many shots that, together with the more forceful recoil, would force players to fire smaller bursts (similar to what happens with the machine guns of planes in War Thunder), thus allowing a slower and, in my opinion, much better combat.

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I think this would work well if there was ammo durability/quality. Bullets that are rusted, corroded, or damaged in some other way can have a chance to jam your weapon while using them. Attempting to use the wrong ammo for a gun can (via chambering) cause jams too. I think heat based jamming would just get annoying though.

How about human error adding up to combat obstruction? I thought about failing at reloading due to shaking caused by high tension. Could take a little bit more time to reload because you miss the slot for your magazine, have your clip stuck on an edge or let your gauges accidentally drop and have to pick them up again.

If heat-based jamming is annoying to you then you should reconsider your play style. Most guns aren’t meant to be firing constantly and poorer accuracy usually encourages people to fire in shorter bursts instead. For those who can’t let go of constant shooting, this mechanic would likely give more of a reason to consider LMG’s.

I’ve seen it used in various different games and with their implementations of it, heat-based jamming is something I’d support.

In War Thunder, I’ve only really noticed it on planes but if you fire constantly your guns will jam and force you to reload. If you fire in short bursts instead, the jams almost never happen and you can conserve ammo.


I think it would be an unnecessary detail. The goal must be to make a game with pragmatic details while not wasting time because the things that you can do is limited. Without a balanced game theory and absurd ratios, You can’t make a good game. Especially a survival game. Food makes energy, Energy turns stamina, Stamina makes you able to progress, More progress more food and this cycle continue. I think weapons with unlimited fire time are breaks this balance. Because it is should be harder to make the kill count. When faced with a base raid or a zombie swarm, One person can take care more than it should be and it makes teamwork less pleasurable and unrealistic. But with weapon jamming, You will need more people to survive from big situations. My point is Bigger situations need more people. In the old unturned, I get my dragonfang, I go to the red zone, I kill every zombies, even in the hard settings with zombie spawn rate maxed. I loot and get the fk out there. When I realized how shit and meanless gameplay is, I left this game. But I am still fan of this game and nelson. Because nelson have so much potential and I believe he will make a good job.

People just spray and pray during gun fights, I’m kind of getting sick of it. Something like jamming due to overheating or a barrel just degrades to the point of uselessness. It would give people incentives to conserve ammunition.


By annoying what I mean is the event causing an undesirable outcome when you had little control over what happened.

I play arma pretty regularly and quite often, usually as an autorifleman/machine gunner or medic. Gun jamming in that game is not annoying. Mostly because of the combat pacing. Fights with another team can be upwards of 10-15 minutes long. It’s slower, and you have much more time to react to a threat compared to unturned.

In unturned the fights typically aren’t longer than a minute. By fights I mean gunfire being exchanged actively. It is very bad for the outcome of a fight to be determined by a significant random event like a weapon jam. If somebody is actively shooting at you, you are going to fire back. If your gun happens to be heated up from killing zombies or whatever the case may be and your gun happens to jam in the midst of an intense life-threatening firefight, it’s something you don’t really have much control over. You have to fire back to defend yourself, your gun might jam, and in some situations you don’t have time to switch to another gun or clear the jam. This is what I mean by annoying. It’s adding realism for the sake of realism.

I think gun jamming would be cool. A nice little thing to catch you off guard every now and then. If the random chance of getting a jam with clean ammo and a hot barrel determines whether you lose your life or not though, that is not fun.

Heat jamming you don’t have much control over. Sometimes you just have to use your gun in an emergency and it may cause you to heat and jam. Jamming would be cool as a punishment for poor weapon/ammo maintenence and usage such as low weapon durability or bad ammo. Not a punishment for using your tools when you need to.

Edit: I understand not all of these situations explained might not play out the same in unturned 2 as they are explained relative to unturned, I’m just trying to get my point across clearly with easy to understand scenarios.


These are all the most important things for this feature. Was gonna say these points but Dalken said it first and better. Overheating shouldn’t be an burden, but players who don’t clean there guns and keep them shitty should have weapon jams.

I love realism in games and something like taking a second or two to clean my rifle would be cool. Red Dead Redemption 2 does this with weapon fire rate. They make you clean your gun to keep its stats at tip top shape. Also the cleaning isn’t dissembling the whole gun but just wiping it down with a cloth and some gun oil. Simple, satisfying, and short mechanic that just adds a little spice to the game. But something that just deliberately holds you back with no control is just an annoying game mechanic.

I agree fights in Unturned are a little to jump and spray, but I believe other gun mechanics could still make ammo conservation relevant without making people stop shooting because of gun overheat. Like the rarity of ammo, mags, and individual loading of bullets into magazine.

I think tools failing in tense situations just cause is annoying. Someone who maintains there guns and keeps them clean should have working guns. Just to have your gun break in a gun fight for RNG sake in my opinion would be bad.


Just make things like “overheating” and barrel ware and tear simple mechanics where the barrel just degrades in durability. It’s pretty simple. Also, those other factors. @The_Berrie-Man

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But you do have control. For my idea of heat-based jamming I’m not thinking of anything too harsh. More of something where if you fire say a burst of 20 rounds from your AR it gets a chance to jam. Firing in 3-5 round bursts wouldn’t count against you and the occasional long burst wouldn’t have too much of an issue either.

If you can’t avoid long and wasteful bursts then you should switch to an LMG or rethink how you play. LMGs or at least guns with heavier barrels could be immune from the overheat mechanic or at least more resistant, like 80-100 rounds instead of 20 for providing an opportunity for jamming. 3-5 seconds between these periods of sustained fire could be all you need to avoid the overheat jam to maintain somewhat fair gameplay.

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I don’t want to play a game where after 20 rounds my AR overheats. If you run up on 2 or more enemies you should be able to fire your working rifle. I like durability in games but a durability on weapons that make weapons a chore to repair or manage is tedious game-play. Also in my opinion, durability in 3.0 is too much, my guns are back below 50% in a couple mags and not to mention the muzzle and suppressor. Once I get those items they should last a good 20-30 magazines.

Purposefully handicapping gun-play will not make for fair game-play or make the game more survivally. I know U2 is going for more of a survival experience, but to make pvp and military weapons more of a hassle to maintain, its only going to frustrate people. I don’t think people hated too much pvp in 3.0 but more of the fact it was the only thing to do, and high end loot was to easy to obtain.

Although I don’t like the feature I do like your idea for LMG and there role in the meta. We all know LMG’s are poo poo in 3.0. Would like to see some different gun-play mechanics that favor LMG’s in different scenarios instead of everyone just going for the Maplestrike.


20 rounds from sustained fire. It isn’t realistic in most situations but it prevents the useless full-auto spam. Maybe even implement differences based on whether the gun is open bolt or closed bolt to affect when the chance begins.

UII will have much better working guns than 3.0 does so why should we bring over the full-auto spam? It’s almost required to fire full-auto in 3.0 because the hit registration isn’t the best, you can constantly get hitmarkers on the enemy yet they take no damage. I say that we should change that and let people use better methods of shooting instead. It really is not that much of an inconvenience and it would ONLY have a chance to jam if you completely refused to fire in bursts instead of emptying your magazine on anything that moves.


How advanced is the question?

  • Basic:
    ** Weapon jams, you run through a short animation of unjamming, etc. Weapons degrade, increases jam chances. basically Far Cry.
  • Advanced:
    ** Weapon has multiple jam types, easily fixed and diagnosed with the touch of a button and short animation. In addition to the above, sustained fire can overheat and damage the weapon.
  • Punishing:
    ** Weapons have all their jam types, parts can outright break on you, and some will be unrepairable in the field entirely, needing a gunsmith or a workbench or something to fix. Certain gun parts will increase durability but will be harder to find, parts are very difficult to repair, etc.
    It is notable that all will be able to mitigate jamming to an extent with better parts, like heavy barrels, cooling, etc, but it still has downsides.
    Also, the jam chances are relatively low; Firearms maybe lock up every couple hundred in normal use, but even after 120 rounds, people’s M4A1s jammed in the Middle East when fired automatic.

Alright, so at this point is there anything anyone else can add?

The main arguments against jamming have pretty much been that it’s intrusive or unfair for game play because it can’t be controlled and gunfights are typically short in the game.

Arguments for jamming are more realism, reasons to maintain equipment, and a way to punish bad play styles (mainly spray and pray). Giving a purpose to LMGs in-game was also a reason to support jamming because of overheating.

There’s plenty of ways to include different forms of jamming while making it so it isn’t terribly unfair for game play. Certain types of weapons like muzzle loaders, bolt-action rifles, and revolvers could be made immune from any sort of gun jamming mechanic so that you avoid some of the entirely unrealistic situations while also giving more purpose to those weapons since they will practically be immune from overheating.

This idea would be great for use with the expanded attachment system we currently see on the Eaglefire. Even if a gun isn’t specifically made with methods to deal with overheating, some of them can be refitted with different components that handle sustained fire better.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it or not but the simple idea of closed bolt vs open bolt guns could also be involved, guns firing from an open bolt would likely be impacted by overheating much less but the trade-off for that could be increased deterioration from exposure to the environment.

To notify players that their weapon is overheating, the barrel could begin to glow red to show that the user should stop firing for a few seconds.

While completely failing to maintain your weapons will likely result in semi-frequent jamming, there are so many ways to handle it that it really is not that bad and won’t interfere with normal game play.

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I believe that the barrel shouldn’t just go cherry red, but yea. Also could be cool to see AKMs and their various copies’ handguards, wooden, light on fire if you push it. Kalashnikov Media did a run, and they started burning after 240 rounds.

Gun like this is immune to overheat to extent yes.
Musket from museum is practially impossible to overheat, BA rifle too… Revolver CAN, but you need to be expert gunman/woman to make it fail catastrophic. Seriously, if that many bullets are being used, consider tokarev or kalashnikov.
Musket cannot be fired in rain, or if soaked is basically cool spear.
Bolt action can have failure to feed from magazine, all of these can have misfires, which will need you to cycle the weapon and remove bad round.