Weapon Zombie Damage

These numbers were origonally for a post in witch I try to convince the reader that the weapon damage against zombies need a rebalance. How ever I kinda realised that no one really cares, and that it wouldn’t happen anyways. So I’m going to atleast post the damge numbers.

These numbers are against Zombies of course.

Ace: 99
Augewehr: 99
Avenger: 99
Devil’s Bane: 30 (Still too much, it’s an auto-shotty)
Bluntforce: 40
Craftable Bows: 99
Compound Bow: 99
Bulldog: 75
Calling Card: 99 (Player damage is 33)
Cobra: 99 (Player damage is 25)
Colt/1911: 99 (Player damage is 24)
Crossbow: 99
Desert Falcon: 125 (Not 99 for a change)
Determinator: 25 (Player damage is 17, animal damage is 25, usually, these numbers are the same)
Dragonfang: 115 (Per bullet what)
Eaglefire: 99
Ekho: 125
Empire: 99
Hell’s Fury: 99 (a minigun doing 99 damage against a zombie per bullet is a bit insane, player damage is 37)
Fusilaut: 99
Grizzly: 150
Hawkhound: 99
Heartbreaker: 99
HMG: 99
Fighter Jet HMG: 99
Honeybadger/PDW: 99
Kryzkarek: 99
Rocket Launcher: 200 (Player damage is also 200)
Luger: 99
Maplestrike: 99
Masterkey: 40 (Player damage is 40 as well)
Matamorez: 99
MP40: 99
Nailgun: 23
Nightraider: 99
Nykorev: 99
Paintball: 15 (Player damage is also 15…)
Peacemaker: 75
Quadbarrel: 43
Crafted Rifles: 99
Sabertooth: 99
Sawed Off: 50 (Not consistent with the Masterkey, there the same gun)
Scalar: 99
Schofield: 99
Shadowstalker: 125
MKII: 75
MKIII: 999999999 (Prop i dunno)
Snayperskya: 99
Sportshot: 32
Swissgewehr: 99
TANKK!!!: 200
Teklowvka: 99
Timberwolf: 99
Viper: 99
Vonya: 35 (Player and animal damage are also 35)
Yuri: 80
Zubeknakov: 99

Old Post for anyone whos intrested.

The weapons in Unturned are overpowered to put it lightly. The Colt (1911), one of the most common weapons on most maps is a great example of this. Now if you’ve ever played Unturned for a solid hour you would know that this sounds a bit off. That’s because it is, against players these weapons are actually pretty solid, they do a fair amount of damage and don’t one shot. However, this post isn’t about players, it’s about Zombies.
Weapons do far to much damage against Zombies. Most (prop all) semi/bolt weapons (including bows) do 99 base damage, that’s a little ridiculous.
What I think we need is a rebalance of the Zombie damage on ranged weapons.
Do I think this will ever happen? No, the game is winding down, no way something like this is going to happen. However, I do believe there is a lesson we can learn here. When designing a Survival game, never make the most common ranged weapon 1-shot your enemies.


There’s a config option to use player damage values as the zombie damage values btw. And on hard difficulty, it’s default to use those player dmg values for zombies.

Obviously not as optimal as a proper rebalance, but it’s a thing.


looking through, alot of weapons cause 99 damage on zombies. i feel that would take away the challenge. some numbers would probably need to be dropped to even it out a little bit

thats the values already in the game.

well, i guess idk my stuff them lol

this is why i dont make games

Theres an mkIII?

its a joke

hope y’all remember this

I’m sad it’s a togglable option but at least it’s default in hard mode

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Okay thanks <3

honestly i do understand were your coming from in this whole post but most of the damage this does is actually pretty auccurate
im not so hard pressed that most of these guns kill in one hit to the head in real life

Yeah, but keep in mind that we shouldn’t be prioritizing realism in a game that looks nothing like real life. Gameplay > Realism. A game isn’t difficult if you can one shot everything.

this one was damaged my an mk2

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Closing old topic.