[Suggestion] Zombie damage of ranged weapons should be equal to its player damage except certain weapons

That’s right.

You heard me.

I had enough of those 99 numbers that the weapons have that made the zombies too easy.

Even though the game turned into a warfare, I suggest that this should be done where the entire community least expected it

The zombie damage of all weapons should be equal to the player damage with some exceptions. These exceptions include:

  • Certain rifles (e.g. Hunting rifles, battle rifles, sharpshooter rifles)
  • Bows
  • High-cal weapons (e.g. Desert Falcon, snipers)
  • Explosives

Pretty much high-damaging weapons. Those weapons retain the zombie damage they always had

Should zombie damage of all firearms (With exceptions) be equal to its player damage?

  • DO IT
  • No, don’t

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On a serious note, do you agree or disagree with it? I haven’t heard much about it from others, so I wanna know what you think of it


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you know what to prepare for



What about a more classic version of zombies fights where headshot kills and body shots semi won’t (I mean that maybe limbs will fly away if shot, but it’s body is gona be tanky)?

Ofc in this case, heads should swing left and right while the monster moves, so to avoid easy peasy 3.0 headshots.

Maybe in 4.X, but 3.X might be too late in its development cycle to add limb removal, completely new animations, and a completely overhauled combat system.

The changes Yarrr suggested would be more doable, but would make the Zubeknakov completely useless.

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19 people voted do it. Only one of them actually liked the idea :thinking:

Yes for 4.0, that’s excactly what I said. Imo zombies (or turned or whatever) that swing their heads while they move is a must for the next game.

You never mentioned Unturned II, 4.X, 4.x, 4.0, or any other name for the upcoming version and this thread is categorized in and written about 3.X, so I assumed you were talking about 3.X.

Rip Mr.Rawr, the only one who doesnt like the idea …

You’re right, for some reason I thought that this thread was on the 4.0 section.
Mabad :slight_smile:

Thank you @Dieselsisel, my only true friend.

you do realize that he probably voted that as a joke, right?

They both are

5D chess shit going on

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This actually required a weird number of changes because of how the zombie/animal damage multipliers work (sigh), but now there’s an option for Weapons_Use_Player_Damage! By default enabled in hard mode. It’ll be listed in the next update notes, but is available in today’s patch.


You are amazing :pray: