What did you like about unturned

What did you like about unturned when you first started playing it


The fact that cows dropped cartons of milk.

Stupid, yes, but hell was it amazing.


It must be painful to live with that inside them


Catchy vehicle & guns names

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I don’t really know, I just liked everything.
And I even got steam and my pc because of Unturned.

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strong text

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Which version of Unturned are you talking about ?

I loved the survival aspect of the game and with time also loved the PVP side(I’am a big fan of survival games and RP PVP (live WW2 RP things and so))

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Just when you first started playing, I don’t think the version matters.

It does since the topic category is set to #unturned-4

In 2015 it was more funny as he’ll when you start to kill the toxic kids in any server
And also it was more optimized for the low pc
And I creally say that my best moments in the workshop was just a free gold at that time
However I dont mean it was better than now how amazing the workshop is but i feel it was frist time I was playing reall pc ,not just making
A ####### account in Facebook were the games was and will stay garbage there
So that why I still remember that old days in my life for example I was first thing I loved in unturned was the greet physics on vehicles

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What the hell did I just read

Cheese (10 characters)


:eye: w :eye:
i agree

When I played Unturned 2.0 for the first time, what I liked the most was the fact that the game was able to run on my pc (20-30 fps), which was a 1.1 GHz celeron 847. And that’s what made me like it, besides of course the gameplay that reminded me a lot of Minecraft, that I played too much at that time.


A live story :slight_smile:

I quickly figured out that aside from the meme value of hallucinations, it is fully viable to sustain yourself off of glue (especially with Immunity III or higher).

Also, the ragdolls are so underappreciated tbh


The fact that it could run on my potato

Because it was like DayZ

The pvp, the salt from pvp, and the fact that I could basically do whatever the hell I wanted.

Want to just run around and shoot people? Go ahead. Want make a clan and zerg rush servers? Sure thing. Want to build a death machine out of a sedan? The sky is the limit.

And when I got bored with the standard way to tackle life on a pvp server I could mix it up. Like only using a chainsaw. Or being a shotgun ninja. Or just snipe people.

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