What do you think of U6S?

What do you think of U6S? (A Unturned server aiming to adapt itself into a bootleg of R6S)

Of it’s legality?

Of the systems and physics that’s been added into it?

Of it’s chances of success?

Of it’s developer/owner?

Of it’s community?

(From what I know personally, the budget expenditure has bloated from an expected 300$ to 600$)

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Copyright doesn’t protect an idea for a game (which includes genres, as an “idea”). It also doesn’t protect the ideas or systems used in developing that game.

Obligatory “I’m not a lawyer” notice.

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No- I mean it’s use of specific things such as character names with identical replications of concepts, icons and more.



To clarify: I was specifically commenting on what was mentioned in your original post

Since they were put next to each other, I assumed they were related. I’m now assuming that these were two separate questions, being: “Is it legal?” and “Do you like the systems/physics in the mod?”.

Normal trademark/copyright law still applies then. Copying the assets. The operator select screen would be a prime example of infringement, and characters would be referenced as being copies too (infringing on likeness).

EDIT: Legally, it’d be something that someone could pursue, and the creators probably know that. They’re probably just not worried about it, until it actually happens (if it happens). But that’s me making assumptions about their point of view.

Yup- they were seperate.

Editing to place them more apart!

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It’s interesting to see a fan-made recreation of it but unless they got permission then Ubisoft could take legal action against it if they wanted to. I’m hoping that operator select screen was just Photoshop and not what’d actually be used. If they incorporate that specific image in it then they’d definitely be setting themselves up in a bad position.

It is how the UI is planned to look via plug-ins.

I’m friends with the owner and thinking of the legal reprecautions if this ever made a penny of profit makes me regret posting this or thinking about it. But welp-

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If it makes a profit then he’s fucked. Non-profit would be the only way to go if at all.

I think a solution might be to dub it a “roleplay” to try going through a loophole that’s often used by many other servers (like in Gmod) to do things like replicate Star Wars.

I might be wrong but if anyone can research like a lawyer into it- that’d be great.

Didn’t Ricechef make u6s?

If so then yes I support it

Ricechef and Paradox are making this one. (Paradox is the owner, Rice Chef is one of the devs)

I asked him and he responded:

Just a heads-up that you’ve been linking Discords messages, but never actually invited people to see them.

Got it-

(the Discord where this is all said and such)

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