What features do you want added to this site?


What new features would you guys like to see added to the SDG Forum? I’ve gone through and gathered some of the older suggestions that people have made (including my own suggestions), and revisited them to see what’s feasible. Here’s the list of features I’m thinking should be added:

  • Checklists
  • Pop-ups for when hovering over a topic
  • BBCode syntax
  • Spoiler tags
  • Cake Days!
  • Mark posts as the answer/solution
  • An indicator for how many characters you need to make a post

So, here’s where you guys come in.

  1. Are there any other features you guys would like to see?

  2. Do you guys have any ideas for new badges.

  3. Do you guys have any ideas for contests that could be hosted on (and preferably related to, but not necessary) the SDG Forum? (For example, a contest to add a new custom emoji to the site.)

  4. Do you disagree with any of the features I listed?


Signing in using Discord or Steam. Not really important but would be nice in improving the user experiences of new members.


I don’t believe I’ve found a way to make it possible with Steam yet, but I do believe I recall it being possible with Discord.

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A feature that you can use to automatically hide someone’s post. Like going on their profile and hide all post from this person.

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I wouldn’t know how feasible a chatroom might be, but it might cut down on some of the clutter in #lounge.

Concerning new badges, I think that a beta tester badge would be pretty nice.

I wouldn't really know where to start with contests, but I do know what the next emoji should be...


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The ability to hide notifications from specific users is something ive always wanted but know will destroy us lmao

One thing I would love to see as tiny as it is, more badges and a chatroom lmao
I was gonna go into more detail but then pork replied before me.

EDIT: Thought of this after i made my comment: A creative category. I know we have stuff like an artwork tag for lounge but I feel a dedicated section for it might encourage more people to create really cool stuff!


Google makes everything easier.


a bot that, when a long suggestion is posted, it automatically posts danaby’s most popular phrase to this day.

I didn’t read it, but it’s long so it must be good.



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The issue with Steam Auth plugins were that they were incompatible with the latest versions of Discourse. If this one has since been updated, then :+1: (although the one you linked isn’t actually actively maintained anymore). Otherwise, back to my original statement.

This is a feature currently in beta. I’ll enable it now and see how it goes, as it also provides statistics to the staff team regarding those who have been “Ignored” the most.

A non-beta feature alternative is “Mute”, which hides notifications (“Ignore” hides posts and topics). Both of these can be used from Preferences --> Notifications --> User, but “Ignore” is available from people’s profiles too.

“Ignores” expire after four months, and must then be renewed.

It’s not super feasible. On a slightly-relevant note, although I didn’t mention it in my original post, I do want to add Discord integration for having a bot that posts certain messages to a Discord channel.


reply to me buddy

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The others have covered some good ground so I’ll just drop off a very old post of mine.


Thanks. 10 characters

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Okay, here’s a joke.


how do I demote you

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shut up, jessica.

this is why J is taking the kids




I’d like this too, but I haven’t found a plugin or theme component that does so. I’ll keep an eye out for it.


Like this?





Don’t see much a point to this, but why not.

Should be a feature by default.

Why not?

I would like to also see an option to dislike. I would also like to see a better way to delete posts, as of now I have to contact a mod if I want to delete a post, frankly, this is embarrassing and a waste of time on everyone’s part.

Lower the “Daily Likes” thing, 50 likes a day encourages like spamming for those who are interested in getting the associated badges, oh and the forum isn’t even active enough to support that many likes a day. I suggest lowering it to something like 30.

Oh and GHJ’s badge showcase thing, I would also like it if it included the amount of that badge the person has :wink:

I have plenty of ideas, however there are some tweaks I would like to see when it comes to existing badges,

Empathetic - Lower the “give” likes requirement, 1,000 while not too much for dedicated users, might encourage like spamming for the less dedicated of us.
Crazy in Love - Change it from 20 days to 5/10. 20 is not possible unless you like spam.
Hot Link/Famous Link - Lower the click requirements, Hot Link has only been awarded 8 times, 5 of those 8 are posts by Nelson. Famous Link has never been awarded, we don’t have enough people on the forum to reach these numbers. Personally, I think Hot Link should be lowered to 150, and Famous link should be lowered to 300, all people who currently have Hot Link should get famous link if this were to happen.

Reporter - A helpful member of the community, flags posts that violate rules or are generally unhelpful.
Wiki Contributor - Similar to Wiki Editor, except you make a page.
Like Milestones - To prevent like spamming I would recommend not including the whole “and give (Number) likes!” Possible milestones include: 1,000, 2,500 and 5,000 (Likes received of course)

thanka for a readin’