What is Nelson's Target Audience?

What is the Target Audience?

As an honest question, I just want to know what Nelson’s target audience is with Unturned. This has been on my mind for a few weeks and it really bothers me not knowing.


Himself, basically. :wink: Game is made based on what he wants in a game and what the community wants. Kinda just goes for it tbh. I’ve spoken to people of a large range and variety of ages and backgrounds.


I’m scared

9 year old fanboys who want a white and neon blue dumptruck skin

/s but not really

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he’s said multiple times that unturned is whatever he wants in a survival game

so basically what molton said

I guess on the bright side, atleast youngins don’t know how to use a forum

Most don’t. You take one look at a certain person’s audience, and you’ll get what i’m talking about.

Example A:

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Pretty much anyone like what others said. It’s all about whether you like the genre, the content and the mechanics.

Nelson is a people’s person (Has upsides and downsides though)

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