What is your most hated gun in 3.0 you don't want to see in II in it's current state?

For me it is absolutely the Honey Badger. It can fit into the secondary slot, it can use the 100 round drum and it basically becomes a laser gun that doesn’t require ADS if you mount a grip, a laser and have high sharpshooter skill. It has high damage and ridiculous fire rate.
I feel like it should be implemented in II only if some stuff is fixed about it.

  1. It should be loaded with .300 Blackout ammo, which fits in the same mags as 5.56mm, but can’t be used in guns except the Honey Badger.
  2. It shouldn’t fit in the secondary slot.

Colt is Shit. It’s usless Af

Just a good nerf on the current Honeybadger should be more than enough, its been our symbolic oh-so-rare-holy-grail-of-stealth-nelson-pls gun for some time.

Ol’ Zubek and ranger weapons deserve some changes ever since Russia.


Yea, I hope Honey Badger gets nerfed. Zubek and other Russian weaponry deserves far more love than they are got in 3.0.


Why hasn’t the PDW Honeybadger been nerfed yet

Before Rangers are the more durable and despite of it’s hiccups with accuracy and stats and ammunition compared to military, its what gave it it’s edge on pve and long-term survival. Now with the damage decrease its just really sad, especially the snayperksya.


Nerfing the guns is pretty enough. Now, if we talk about removing guns, I’d prefer to see Shadowstalker (and its Mk. II variant) out of the map. As serious as the direction of the game is currently going, I really doubt that there should be “alien stuff” involved in the plot of the whole disaster. Therefor, I’d not see removing Shadowstalker as a bad thing at all.

Anyway, I think that all guns deserve their own tweaks in 4.x, nerfing or buffing certain stats and features in most of them, and have a much better balance in rarity, I think.


I think that Nelson should make new guns, not just bring over the current ones. I feel like the Shadowstalkers and the Hell’s Fury really don’t fit, and that Nelson should make far more civilian weaponry than what we had in 3.0

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Well, that’s a good idea actually. But referring to military weaponry, I think it’s assorted enough and it should be only expanded if there are new maps on further locations.

However, this also means that civilian weaponry should be almost as wide as military, either way.

-Sport shoot
-Shadownstalker MKII
-Dragonfang and Nykorev

-Ekho (just because is a beatyfull weapon dont remove)
-Honey Badge
-TheYellowMaplestrike (i dont remenber the name)
-Compounwd bow

-Grenades in general
-Desert eagle
-Shotguns in general

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It’s a three way tie between the Hell’s Fury, PDW and Shadowstalker.
The Hell’s Fury and Shadowstalker should be removed, full stop.
The PDW definitely should’t be a secondary.

Oh and some under appreciated guns could use a buff. Guns like the Bluntforce are totally eclipsed by the Devil’s Bane.

The sports shot irl is a semi auto “Olympic” rifle. It’s for shooting sports, and the reason it is so bad is because it probably fires a .22 bullet. If the sports shot is re-added it should be the more common bolt-action .22, as a farmer usually doesn’t have an Olympic level gun. It would be good for hunting small animals.

Back to the topic, I hate the grizzly. It has practically no recoil, and is semi auto.
EDIT: I meant to reply this to zeros comment, but I goofed.


I agree only to Shadowstalker and Hell’s Fury. I don’t see why the Sportshot should be removed, neither both LMG’s, since those are the heavy available guns by default and are ok.

  • Maybe
  • Mmmmm… Nah
  • Why? Wtf?
  • It’s actual name is Heartbreaker, and no
  • Actually tweaked, but not as much as nerfed (larger weapon, no rocket drop)
  • Why? Wtf? 2x
  • Why? Wtf? 3x
  • Totally agree
  • Tweaked rather than buffed (higher piercing and recoil)
  • Hell yeah
  • Maybe
  • Isn’t this the Colt actually?
  • Definitely

Grizzly. Op

Now that I see it… I can’t actually believe you want to buff Grizzly and nerf Schofield at the same time… WTF man?


Why do you want to nerf the ace? It’s my fav gun :(:pensive:
EDIT: supposedly autocorrect changed nerf, to meet?

I personally think adding more guns is really unnecessary right now.

What should be instead is by tweaking each of the guns and make it that each having their own uniqueness in a way that only that specific gun can provide, because I think right now guns in 3.0x are all the same, exceptions with the semi only or burst only, full auto or not. But overall it just narrows down to grinding that “best gun” which ends up in some guns are not even used or neglected anymore, that should be removed and instead aim that every gun be balanced and practically equal or adjusted based on their caliber but still provide their own uniqueness that can cater to the player’s needs and preferences in combat.

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Maybe when the Honeybadger returns it could use single stack versions of STANAG magazines, which could be crafted from and crafted back into regular STANAG magazines. The single stack versions would hold less ammunition, and not be compatible with 5.56 weapons. (Maybe there shouldn’t be a single stack version of the military drum, because converting a Beta C-Mag to hold .300BLK would require much more than just swapping out the follower.)

Edit: I just realized, .300 Blackout is designed specifically to be highly interchangeable with .223 Remington, and doesn’t require anything more than a barrel change. It feeds from regular double stack “STANAG” magazines (fun fact NATO never agreed to standardize on them so there isn’t actually STANdardization AGreement for magazines) I was thinking about cartridges like .50 Beowulf and 6.5 mm Grendel. IMO if .300 BLK is in game, it should be treated like .223 REM, except need a .30 caliber barrel instead of a .22 caliber barrel.

Seems pretty complicated… Let’s make it use it’s default ammo and that’s it, lol.

The problem of the Honeybadger relies more on its op stats for being a secondary rather than in how much ammo it can hold IMO.

Its default ammo is .300 BLK. It’s much simpler if .300 BLK magazines are treated as separate things from .223 NATO magazines than if the game had to detect which cartridges are loaded in the magazine and use that to decide whether or not to put it in your gun when you’re reloading.

The integral silencer won’t be too much of a problem, because it would likely be considered a barrel, muzzle, or handguard attachment. A lot of weapons will be able to become small enough to be used as secondaries in 4.X, if you use a short barrel, handguard, and butt stock. Hopefully no weapon will have “op” stats in 4.X.