What is your most hated gun in 3.0 you don't want to see in II in it's current state?

I don’t want to see the sportshot.

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hell’s fury.

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I agree because it’s too OP
U can raid bases within it
U can Kill 150 player (If they are infront of you and I don’t know how there would be 150 player in server)
U can Destroy Vehicles ( Cars , Helicopters , ETC)
(How I think it should be nerfed)
I think with something realism like OverHeat Like this.
https://goo.gl/images/GmYmsb (Sorry, I don’t know how to Upload image from google.)
and The dragonsfury and Nykorev the same thing should happen to them.

Just copy and past the image :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d rather want to see Hell’s Fury removed. Though the overheating mechanic fits well, as it could accelerate LMG’s deterioration and increase jamming chance.

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I’d rather see it have some visual rework.

The Hell’s fury has never been an issue, ever, but I would rather not see a hand held minigun in 4.0. I think it would be pretty cool if we got a very late game vehicle that had a minigun, though.

I’m ok with something like the Honey coming back… if there’s at least a couple more viable options for secondaries. The Honeybadger is almost a straight upgrade to all the other carbines/smgs/pistols in the game. At least with assault rifles there’s like 3-4 of them that you can use in late game and be just fine with.

We should at least get a ranger counterpart in the form of an AKS-74U, and I think buffing shotguns would make some of the secondary shotguns we have much more viable as well.

I think guns I don’t want to see are guns that use magazines they don’t actually use (cough Nightraider and the other two Russia rifles).

  1. Honeybadger AAC “PDW”

Everyone’s already hit this out of the park, so I’ll hold off on it.

  1. VSS/AS VAL “Matamorez”

The Matamorez is currently broken in so many ways. It manages to be OP and useless at the same time. Range is abysmal, caliber is wonky, and it is also able to raid.

  1. All LMGs

Aforementioned raiding problem.

  1. Shadowstalker & Shadowstalker Mk II

Unrealistic, and frankly, doesn’t really belong anywhere.

Side note:

Semi mode needs to actually work in 4.0. I’m pretty tired of the whole janky delay between shots when using any semi, burst, or melee weapon.


Unturned is a survival game. it don’t feel like it in 3.0 but 4.0 will be different, weapons will be more complex having to ability to be more unique.
As a survival game you will mostly not going to use weapons that you want to, but what weapons you have to.
All weapons don’t need to be all perfectly balanced, the sportshot is in the game with the intention of being the easy to find but not effective weapon (I don’t think that is a good idea to make the most common gun a killing machine).

Hell’s furry and shadow stalker are not realistic and do not feet in a game that is trying to be less arcade-like(I know that miniguns and railguns exist, but not in the way they are represented in game).

Shotgun pallets don’t disappear after some meters

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I’d say both of the shadowstalkers.

I hate the Matamorez and Grizzly the most.
The Matamorez becomes a “What is recoil?” and “Screw you and anything you built” gun.
The Grizzly is too compensating for “Snipers” with really low skill and would rather spam than focus their shots.

In general I would be against the raid damage guns caused to structured builds. (Walls, Floors, ect.)
Keep the raid damage for barricades and freeform structures.

Also, someone explain to me why the Mossberg 500 (Bluntforce) can only shoot 20m while the SPAS 12 (Backlash) shoots double that distance.

Fix this please, most shotguns actually have around 40m of range with buckshot, not just the Backlash exclusively.


immediate PTSD flashbacks to SVD users in BrainOut

But yes, this is 100% the case. Real snipers use bolt actions. :wink:

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Bolt action… Hmm… Would a m1 grand count? I consider that the best weapon on the planet.

The M1 Garand is semi-automatic, not bolt action.

It is also objectively inferior to other standard issue WWII rifles >:)

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But it’s kewl T_T
I think I was thinking of a combination between the m1 grand and another rifle

Real snipers use the snayperska. Since it isn’t a 1 shot kill, it’s harder to use, as you have to get 2 headshots.

Personally, I prefer the Sabertooth, better range, more bullets, better sights, takes more common ammunition on Washington, and looks/sounds better as well

…who said anything about a one shot kill?

Hawkhound intensifies

Ew, bolt action

Fight me. I’ll kill you with a sportshot