What is your story?

What is your story?

So challenge time

I challenge you guys to write something about Yourselves, what your interests are, what do you do? study or work? and how you found Unturned and became apart of the community, What did it become to you? What have you contributed to the community of Unturned. and what do you want the community to be? And where do you see yourselves in 2-3 years. and any interesting histories you have to share

any topic is fine (don’t write anything irrelevant) and if you don’t want to write about specific stuff that’s fine

This is freely and is not forced upon people!!


I was born in near Northern Ireland, i grew up on a potato farm tilling the fields and riding the horses. I was quite the athlete lad and was going well in schooling. Then I discovered video games and now I’m here.
That’s not my actual story I’m really Australian.


My story is too terrifying for mere mortals.

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My number one interest is music listening, its probably my 3rd biggest expenditure, with food and gas coming first and second, from all the bandcamp albums ive bought, concerts, and the various headphones I’ve cashed out on. (sennheiser 660s rn) I discovered video games when I was incredibly young, Im not even sure when, but I vividly remember the beginning, where I was playing baseball with my dad, and missed a swing 5 times in a row, so he sighed, brought me inside and taught me how to use a computer, and consequently how to play the original starcraft. Jokes on him though, because I joined track/cross country in like 6th grade to junior year. I went from Starcraft>Stronghold>Civ 3>Civ 4>Minecraft>DayZ and then my computer broke and I had to use a old laptop, so my friends and I ditched dayz to play unturned 2.0 pretty soon to when it came out. I played it with my friends really frequently and didnt interact with the community at all until they got bored of it in post-russia 3.0, so I decided to lurk various unturned communities, until UII was teased and one of my very first suggestions got a response from nelson, which was what made me stay, even though I haven’t touched 3.0 in quite some time.

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My father was born to an English woman, who wasn’t entirely sure who his father was. She put him up for adoption and requested he be given a certain name from her family, but that request wasn’t told to the couple that eventually adopted him. They were Catholics whose ancestors had come to the new world hundreds of years ago to avoid the Anglican church, and the same name happened to have been common in their family, so my father still ended up receiving the English name that his biological mother had requested for him, which is how she eventually recognized him. He ended up converting to Protestantism, and so I and my (seven) siblings have been raised this way. Through the church I maintain connections to Perú and the United States, where I am studying manufacturing and working on whatever jobs come my way (mostly manual labor and making coffees.) That’s my story, and it’s probably mostly true.

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Running groups
Hosting servers
Dumb games

Political Theory/Philosophy
Political Activism

Study /w 3.98GPA in 3 AP classes, one Honors. Top 10%

Deadzone on Roblox. I played once or twice. I never knew 1.0 existed, but I found 2.0 on steam and played from there.

I became apart of the community driven by running my group and desire to suggest ways to better the game. I love the game a lot and I hate to see it broken or in a state of “easily-repairable”. I was a steam forum regular, tried to go on Reddit but it’s toxic as hell, tried the Official Discord but is authoritarian and abusive as hell, and then found the SDG forums and sometimes post here when I get good ideas.

Unturned has been a great stepping stone in my online and real life. I’ve used it for making new friends, killing time, learning to cooperate and work with people, being more altruistic than I already was. And in a sense, it showed me a lot about politics - its complicated but it really did help to be used as an example.

  • The biggest, longest active group in the game to date

  • A large franchise comprised tons of servers hosted by multiple hosters. Some friends, some legitimate contracts

  • A dumb little modded RP map made with joint-cooperation of a fellow friend that never became anything

  • A few good guides about the game, outdated

  • Plenty of discussions, helping, suggesting, etc for multiple years on the forums

  • Helped many community members who joined RA to live better lives

I want it to be friendlier and more open-minded. Theres quite a few negative nellies and people very set in their ways, especially when the argument comes towards political nature. If you boil it down a lot of major meta-arguments about the game can be of politics

Happily enjoying 4.0 mid-way through it’s development, hosting plenty of 4.0 servers. I don’t care if they’re popular or not. So long as theres no high-standard long-lasting franchises I’ll be around hosting servers

too many to say in one post.

Don’t have a really interesting story. Born in Christchurch, New Zealand (you know the one with the terrorist attack) and now live in a land down under. First PC game was Minecraft, but I used to play Minecraft PE and other iPad games. Now I am in high school and am a nerd… although that’s probably obvious.

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