What Vanilla Style Workshop map would you all like to see?

We have our next couple of vanilla maps planned, and in the works. Those will be released every few weeks over the next few months… but what after? I figured you all might have some thoughts and opinions on what you might like to see done in a similar fashion to Alberta. Feel free to throw any ideas you have down below!


Pineridge in Unturned 3.0 would be cool.

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Seems like it might be a bit too spoilery for U4 haha.

Personally i would like to see a map that its just a city,never seen one made before so it would be unique and interesting :thinking:

Maybe China or Japan?

an entire large map that is one city?? seems like that would be pretty hardware intensive… maybe something i could look into as another side project though :smiley: i like the idea - go big or go home right?


Well it could be any size really,but an large map would insanely awesome!:smiley:

A swamp with crocodiles

Rio de Janeiro :wink:


I think we currently lack a map that is centered around aquatic gameplay. Sure, Hawaii tried, but I would like to see something even more water-centric. Like a scattered archipelago, with underwater features galore to match. Maybe a wide plethora of custom vanilla styled amphibious vehicles and watercraft to go with it.


Now being from South Africa, we kinda have a good mix of types of terrian here, but I haven’t seen maps that have like proper large vallies and hills on a large scale, with a mix of towns and desolate areas, giving the map a proper lonesome survivor feeling in way.


I think that’s a really cool idea, but i also think that’s moving very far away from the vanilla objective we’re setting in place for ourselves.


certainly will add this to the list as a potential future map - cool idea man :smiley:

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Tokyo in Japan

Ah, true.

Perhaps for a more vanilla approach, you could try a vast rural themed setting (akin to the American Midwest or Prairies/rural Ontario), with farms, fields/pastures, and small towns sprawling around and a few hill ridgelines to separate parts of the map, as well as several smaller rivers and a lakeside main city. Emphasis could be placed on combat at very long ranges with how terrain is laid out between locations.

Something like this?


Maybe to spice it up, some rock formations

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happy Florida man noises

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I’m half South African and I have tried planning a SA map before. To do the full country would probably leave a lot of empty space, but I thought that just Cape Town or something would work.

I’d personally love a map based on this area if it would work well in Unturned.

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Japan or new york. Specifically long island, where it has new york city, brooklyn, queens, the bronx, etc.

Japan because the culture

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We already have one Japan map but it could be interesting for another. Can’t remember how well it was done though.