What will happen to all the maps of 3.0?

All of the 3.0 maps are great, and we just got Germany, I’m wondering what will happen to the maps, will they be trasfered?


Considering that we will not be getting 4.0 for some time I doubt it will be a big issue. There may be some way to convert the maps into the next version(?)


if transfering doesnt work, he will probably need to redo every map.

He can’t just “redo” every map, I mean PEI was simple, that’s why he was able to do that, but stuff like Germany and Russia is undoable

I disagree, it’s totally possible.

A ton of work? yes. Impossible? no.

does it matter? 4.x will probably end up being a sequel to 3.x anyways.

All of 3.x’s map files are proprietary so theoretically yes a tool could be written to convert them. In practice this would be a lot of work because for example there would need to be a new version of every object with identical dimensions/transforms. At least in the beginning I think my time would be best spent moving forward with new fresh content rather than remastering older content. I remember saying something similar during 2.x -> 3.0 and we got PEI so you never know!


Alright, I mean maybe a fresh just PEI start will be nice, and then new maps from there.

maybe a Insane sized map with different bioms i remember nelson saying that on an interview

I would assume someone would end up remaking them on the workshop

I really just want to see canada again

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Maybe some day as a Misc map :thinking:

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This would be awesome to have an old map in unturned again like Canada

same here i never really got to play it i could only play it for like a hour then it was gone

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