What would you like to see the most out of 4.0?

Title. Anything goes. Keep it on topic plox.


Vehicles that function on surfaces other than perfectly flat straight roads


i can only think of 2 (and a half i guess) things right now

  1. good optimization
  2. actual hands, because i’m a N E R D (hell even ravenfield-esque hands would be pretty good)
    2.5. or models that make sense with the player models
    actually 2.5 would be far more interesting what with how guns might be designed and such

To be fair I hadn’t driven a car yet when I added vehicles to Unturned! :wink:


vehicles rework tbh , on multiplayer mostly oh and a way to make vehicles go underwater


Expanded NPCs and non-zombie enemies. NPC bandits (not map roaming), better animals, etc. Basic zombies simply aren’t challenging enough, although more difficult zombie types for the end-game would also be a nice thing to see happen.


I think getting more base building creativity options would be awesome. It could include stuff like painting the structures and maybe having a more interactive and complex electric system that requires you to be mindful of how much power you’re using.


Me personally, i’d like to see more details added to clothing, objects and terrain. 3.0 looks way too clean for a zombie apocalypse, and why are all the clothes perfectly washed without any rips or tears?

Another idea i had was to make durability visual, so that damaged clothing would eventually have physical damage on them. That way you could judge from a distance the quality of someone’s clothing.


Not much I can put here that’s not already on the Trello.

Expanding zombies(Not gonna be vague)

  1. Improving Zombie AI past chase players.

  2. Zombies being able to horde up and travel through cities, destroying all ground level barricades.

  3. Map-wide pathfinding(waiting on unity/unreal engine 4.)

  4. Climbing basic objects due to the fact that zombies literally stop if you stand anywhere above their head.

Improving gun mechanics.

  1. Bullet drop/velocity that increases with distance similar to this.

  2. Jamming/overheating with too much gun use.

  3. Overall model changes.

Changing the single color look of the game to prevent Green Skinners and increase the practicality of a ghillie suit.

Everything else I really want is on the Trello.


more optimization would be good, i recently lost like 20 fps on hawaii (used to be 60) and now i have to play with everything on low or off…

about 4.0 though, i kinda want maps to be remade (if they go to unreal), fruit to be added, waves for water, curves for train tunnel and the other bridges, and some editor changes:

  • Allow german terrain to be used on legacy.

  • Make normal item spawns come with the map (basically, you open a new map and the zombie/car/animal/items spawn tables are already baked, and ready to be placed.)

  • A better ui for creating a new map: i made a post with it, but basically a menu with configs like which terrain to use, what mods will be used, the config.json configs, etc


Cinematic and new editor mode (hope not devkit to hard to understand)


oh god i totally forgot about bandit ai.

i want to face cheeki breekis


A reworked legacy editor and NPC UI creation interface thing.


Forget damaged-looking clothing, I’d love to just have fully meshed clothing assets. Have stuff like vests actually move properly with the torso, and allow for those amazing dresses everyone needs. :wink:

I can just imagine the horror of when Nelson must have first tested dresses in Unturned 3. Legs suddenly moving through this static cone or square pyramid.


I’ve had some ideas written down for a while on improving zombies. Part of is that some zombies should randomly decide to take an alternative route to the player, even if it is longer, as a method of flanking them in buildings and such.

For example, a small group of zombies is following the player into a Diner. A couple of them decide to break off and their route is instead going towards the back door of the building. This would make zombies feel smarter (and more difficult) without needing a ton of zombies to horde up.


That’s a great improvement to my ideas. That’d be great instead of having an easy to deal with horde of zombies. You’d end up finding yourself holed up in some random diner surrounded by them instead.


Realistic lighting. I want it to be actually dark when I entirely cover up an area with opaque plates and/or opaque walls… Unless there’s a conspiracy behind this? :thinking:


Graphic improvement:


Honestly, just seeing unturned the way it was years ago would be awesome, by that i mean more survival and less pvp based.

Lemme write a long ass list:

  1. Maps are too small for a zombie survival game, perhaps a middle child between large and insane?

  2. The atmosphere in maps like hawaii and washington just ruin the desired feel of post apocalypse, its too bright and everything is so ‘okay’ for a zombie survival game.

  3. Low end pcs can barely run unturned at a good a mount of frames, we need better optimization in 4.0

  4. Zombies need to be feared, currently nobody is afraid of zombies, the key feature of a zombie survival game, instead its all about getting supplies, killing other people and raiding bases

  5. I would love to see a more unique crafting system with a lot of details to smaller items and better physics (nerf bullet drop a bit for respective guns,driving physics,inertia etc.)

  6. Weather/Atmosphere once again, is the most valuable feature to a post apoc game, following the zombies ofc. We need more weather, different phases of rain(as seen on trello), immense heat, dense fog, dust storm etc. would rlly be awesome for a good experience.

  7. More hi hello and less bye bye: Some mechanics or basic psychology wormholes should be implemented to enable more friendliness towards other and less KOS(kill on sight), even though most zombie survival games are kos :confused:

  8. Removal of everything(yes,everything) that stray the game from its purpose of looking worn out,post apocalyptic themed zombie survival: includes removal of cosmetics(esp. mythicals), rainbow cars and shit, etc.

I could think of more but another settlement needs my help rn, will keep you all updated. thanks for your time ^^



I like the idea on how you can become a zombie after dying. Maybe instead of instant turning (after death) make it possible to (somehow) catch a virus before the full turning and the rest of lifetime (if you won’t find a vaccine or something) you will be just slowly turning into a zombie, like the player skin becomes greenier, face is changing, maybe even it will happen sometimes that you can’t control yourself for like 30 seconds or so and everything you will say in voice chat will be zombie sounds. Cinematic and cool i think.