Which Australian city is better 🇦🇺


Now is the time for the forms to decide. Which is the greatest Australian city. Here is a screenshot of me describing them so.

Btw this is on the Australia map post here
You get 2 votes.

  • Melbourne Victoria
  • Sydney NSW
  • Perth WA
  • Darwin NT
  • Brisbane QLD
  • Adelaide SA
  • Hobart TAS

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Canberra, LoL it’s so bad you can’t even vote for it.

Australia Map?

Because OP is biased lemme debunk his points:

  1. Melbourne isn’t the most liveable city anymore.
  2. NSW isn’t named after a part of England, it’s named after Wales. Typical Victorian obviously having a shit education, specifically in geography.
  3. I’m pretty sure Victoria has spiders as well.
  4. You forgot about how Australia fought their greatest war in WA, smh.
  5. The Northern Territory wasn’t the only place to be attacked. If I recall correctly, Newcastle and Sydney were both shelled slightly in both World Wars.
  6. Canberra, and by relation, the ACT technically has a coastline in the form of the Jervis Bay Territory made to give them a seaport.

And let’s not forget that New South Wales is home to Australia’s greatest youtuber, Isaac Butterfield.


I’ll give you that. Sydney sucks but Newcastle must be better.


Newcastle isn’t that bad. Good beaches, decent roads, decent people and a nice place.


Prehaps some parts of nsw are not bad, but only if you can say the same for Victoria


Do u live there?


I like Sydney because the Owen Gun was developed there.

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Perth is home to an elusive egg creature

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Adelaide is the only major Australian city to have NEVER received ANY convicts. It automatically wins due to this; after all, if you’re the only Australian city with an entirely free population, doesn’t that mean you’re the best?


If you are cold, you can craft a fire.

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There’s only one Sydney I care about.
That smile… That damned smile…


the only woman


Best City in Australia is the one where nobody lives.


that’s a big city


none since Australia doesn’t exist


I just clicked Hobart because Bart is my favorite family guy character


eat pant

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sydney is a 6/10: frankly, i think that Lookout #2 is the gentleman’s choice

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Fuck Australia. Australia is home to one of the guys that didn’t finish Nevada. i mean he’s a good guy and one of my friends, but just for being part of a team that didn’t finish Nevada, fuck Australia.

But seriously, I guess perth is fine? idk Australia really, not like i’m gonna ask Jackostar which place is good enough to care about.


at times like these i wish i had forced the world into a dictatorship where only i can vote.