Who are y’all rooting for in Qatar World Cup


You mean who ?

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Usa won, we avoided a war

Morocco or any Arab nation

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What about Iran

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I mean football fans are crazy ngl

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In spite of my heritage, I root for any team that’s not European or South American, a.k.a. 100% of all world cup winners ever. Partly because Romania never qualifies anyways, partly because it’s a shame how Asian/African teams hardly ever see the quarter finals even though some of their teams are decent.


I am rooting for someone who has a chance…

Morocco this year insha’Allah


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Keep dreaming.


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Switzerland has a good chance at winning

We’ll see how it goes against Portugal, but it definitely is an interesting 8th of finals overall.

@Younus 0-0

@OPFOR 3-1 nerd

germany :woozy_face:

Sorry for your loss

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Its fine, I got used to it in the past years…