Why do you like/dislike AI NPCs?

Disclaimer: This is not suggesting NPCs to be added to 4.0 in any way. go away Animatic reeeee

NPCs have always had a negative reputation for some reason and I’ve been quite curious to figure out why. I know the constant suggestions for them can get on people’s nerves, but that alone shouldn’t make people not want them in 4.0 in some fashion. Not to mention that constant suggestions bringing up the same idea means that NPCs are fairly wanted in the community.

Now I do agree; map roaming NPCs shouldn’t exist in the Vanilla game. It’s simply unrealistic to expect that. But that doesn’t mean we couldn’t see NPCs - from just simple quest givers to guarding deadzones - exist in some format in 4.0. However, people might make the argument that the only enemies that have guns should be players.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Yay? Nay? Sorta in the middle?

Do you personally want to see NPC AI in some form or another in 4.0?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Indifferent

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I’d love to see bandits similar to old DayZ mod, you didn’t need actual people to have fun or anything to do.
I think Rust does NPCs really well so it might be a good source of inspiration.

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Because you can’t program human error so bandit NPCs end up being laser beams and fetch quest NPCs aren’t good in any game


Yup either they will be laser beams or annoyances like zombies in 3.0 where the only danger is facing them and a player st the same time

I assume you are being sarcastic.


I don’t want to see combat or ‘player’ NPCs, simply because of what @PauSeen was talking about. You can’t make them have human error. Another big part of this is that they’re most likely not going to be able to raid and loot as players want, and you’ll get a group of upset players all over again because the NPCs aren’t what they were expecting them to be. It also begs the question, where would they get their loot. Would they go through the military base and take everything there, or would they spawn in fully loaded. If they loot normally, how would they balance and manage inventory? Would they randomly choose an item and drop it for more space if they lack, or if spawning in with items, would they drop if you kill the NPC?

nontechnically, I also don’t like combat NPCs. I think quest givers are fine, but the thing is humans are the survivors. Not ‘human’ survivors. They’re either going to be too passive or too agressive, and that takes away the amount of interactivity you’d get with any other player (Eg: Cooperation over VOIP)


the only npc i want in the game is 1 npc that has a hockey mask and a chainsaw and hunts you and chases you.

the spook of the game will increase


i don´t have problems with npcs i have problems with your functions and your IAs.
for example zombies raiding your base i am against.
but a militar helicopter atacking peoples and bases LIKE RUST i dont have any against.
when go discut about IA need discut specify things or zombies, animals, maybe the matematic of itens spawn dont go work!!

Why would you assume that

What games were you playing? Chernobyl terrorist attack? There are many good games with good AI, STALKER or FEAR for example.

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idk what these bois r talking about npcs being terrible in all games.

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NPCs aren’t inherently terrible, but they’re very unfitting for Unturned imo.

Maybe they can be considered post release, but definitely should not be high priority or queued for release.

All the other games I know of with dynamic NPCs are far more combat oriented anyways.

Yes because we all know that in games like CS:GO it’s great to have AI in your team. Because they really are laser beams. (/s)


Because AI aren’t lasers? Almost ever?

And fetch quest NPCs already exist?

I think you’re thinking way to complex. I already mentioned NPCs on that level are just unrealistic to think about.

Nelson has always wanted NPCs to not have a big impact like that; but adding them in a toned down way with modding tools to support them is a win win for everyone. Thus, this would allow for NPCs to become more than just fetch quests and a possible balancer for deadzones, and while not becoming super invasive to the game, still adding variety to enemy types and new gameplay features.

How exactly are they unfitting? What makes them inherently or otherwise by default unfitting? You know just as well as I do that the only threat in this game are players. Enemies (aka animals and zombies) are not a problem in this game. While I don’t think ai npcs should have anything more than basic firearms, I think they could really add risk to high level locations, as well as mixing things up a little and providing a difference in how players go about looting certain areas.

I’ve never understood why people always take this topic to the extreme levels that it is taken.


No. We don’t need either. Honestly, who cares about the minority of people who would be upset that NPCs aren’t extremely expanded on if all we got were basic AI npcs who could shoot at you? On the flip side, so many people complained about NPCs for 3.0, but eventually got used to the idea or otherwise played non-npc maps. I just don’t get why it’s such a big deal.

Bottom line: Unless we get a zombie type that for some reason has an actually good ranged attack, the current zombies and their types will never truly provide a challenge for players. There will always be a point in the game where you simply can just run around them or otherwise mow down an entire town. If 4.0 is apparently going down a much more PVE route (yay), then why is considering npcs so… alien?

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I say the NPC’S spawn fully loaded on there “zones”.

Like if you go to the coalition outpost, there be on the walls guarding, and won’t go much farther besides some set routs.

Or if you raid the syndicate, there be at “there spot” and once they shot they use the “herd” A.I and go after the player, melle ones anyway. Ones with guns will just pathfind untill in range and shoot (maybe have preference preplaced “cover” spots they go to, to supplement A.I.)

And if they have medicine enabled, they heal.

If you screw off and start killing in the “safezone” the lazerbeam coalition forces will mow you down. As there proffesional soldiers.

So yea, like this, they exist, but otherwise won’t intrude on normal gameplay.

Who likes this. He won’t have to invent god A.I. and they still take cover and do all that good stuff via map editor quies and “combined animal/zombie A.I”.



I agree, they shouldn’t be a core feature but seriously - take a look at Rust - this game is even less fitting for NPCs yet they did a great job on them and they suit the game very well.

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I am fully aware of the Scientists from Rust, having been a long-time player of it myself, but do best in mind that Rust is almost 100% combat oriented, so it has 100% hostile NPCs.

This will be far harder to rationalize in 4.0, which supposedly will be aiming for survival centricism.

Part of survival is killing others so you can take their stuff… I don’t see how hostile npcs defending loot in certain areas would interfere with that.

Unturned is a very combat oriented game, with a lot of raiding and player killing. Zombies and other player threats aren’t nearly as big of an issue for players as they should be.

This update has brought peacekeeper scientists that are defending the safe zone. I don’t see how this would be interfering with survival. Of course I’d prefer that players are the once creating and defending the safe zones but it isn’t really possible, you would need players to watch over it for 24/7 which is pretty hard to achieve.

Ah, I misinterpreted you then.

In that case a peacekeeper-style NPC would be wonderful.

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