Why is the spare tire not usable?

Why is this spare tire not usable?

It would come in handy if it would be usable and I think it would be a nice feature to have a spare tire.
I don’t think that it would have any disadvantages, but I don’t know if this has anything to do with the spaghetti coding.

The model of the Off-Roader was made way before modular vehicle pieces existed, so in turn we ended up with that.


But can it be changed, or is that too hard to do?
Because the tires can be removed now and the batteries got added.

Anything can be changed, just a matter of if it’s worth it or not.


Kinda like that one post about a bookshelf being 1 meter away from the wall tbh.


This mechanic is a bit spaghetti, which is why this feature only applies to certain vehicles (specifically, four-wheeled vehicles).


Would it be possible to make the spare tire on the offroader removeable with a socketwrench?

I suppose you could technically make it a moving tire, that can also be popped like actual ones.

Personally I would like to have this on Unturned II

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I believe the tires need to be actual tires if they are to work with the socketwrench and popping. If this was an actual tire it would spin when the car moved

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Everytime Unturned “fixes” a bug or glitch, 5 new ones appear. I am scared of updates that change anything in code

“Time is of the essence and we shouldn’t miss the chance”
-Anatoly Dobrynin

I believe if Nelson coded a new type of tire, lets say, a “dummy tire” that is just an entity that can be interacted with independently from the car (like normal tires) but doesn’t actually move or contribute to the cars driving/movement, then it would be possible.

I feel like this could lead to various other things, if implemented and mod creators were allowed to use “dummy” interact-ables on cars.

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Implying that having a chance to cease total collapse of human civilization within the era where 1 mistake will create such event and having a chance to move the shelf in a map of an old game you’ve created yet likely no longer able to do so easily while working on another game had the same logic, factors and impacts on others behind.

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