Why Mechanic Natalie is the best waifu

Mechanic Natalie is the best waifu in the game, and is a better waifu than Captain Sydney for the following reasons

  1. She has hair. Mechanic Natalie has hair unlike captain sydney, who is bald as can be seen here.

Mechanic Natalie on the other hand, has hair which is better.

  1. Her hair is blue. Mechanic Natalie has blue hair, which is significantly more anime than Captain Sydney’s non-existent hair.

  2. She is more cute. Mechanic Natalie has a cute smile which is significantly more cute than Captain Sydney’s.

For these reasons, it can be proven for a fact that, contrary to popular belief, Mechanic Natalie is the best waifu in the game, and thus a better waifu than the more common choice of Captain Sydney.

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what anime are these from

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If you find this mentally gratifying to the point of extremity you display here- You need a biscuit, some tea and time in a ward.

how can you not find Mechanic Natalia hot af

I believe its uno reverse card here buddy
instead of yarrr its you


I am worried by your love of Mechanic Natalia or the Cap’n.

Try Minecraft on certain explicit sites- trust me.

You’ll get the exact same thing as what Unturned NSFW would be.

So go there- stay there.

Stay there long enough for me to contact FBI for a watchlist.

Mechanic Natalia ad Cap’n Sidney are best waifus

wait what?
im sorry i dont follow
would you care to explain what these minecraft porn sites are?

They’re in pony land-
Where the bronies are.
Stay away from me now, thank you.

What the Fuck?
Why are you telling me about this and then implying you’ve been there?
Would you like to explain these pony and minecraft porn sites?

Go to that Porn Site with Yellow and Black logo that’s popular and based in Canada. (I’m trying to be slightly innocent in demeanour on a forum with 13 year olds…)

Type Minecraft and Pony-

I’m keeping the shit I was sent 3 years ago in deep isolation in hell and not even Satanist’s could enjoy said weird shit.

What in the God Damn Fuck?

Are you fucking with me?
just be real and say your fucking with me

I don’t know if you want the porn or you don’t want to know that the porn exists.

So you’re an enigma to me until I can fuck with you one way-

Gotta do it sideways :wink:

This is cursed.

Your kneecaps, hand 'em over.


optamistic watches my little pony minecraft porn confirmed


me after seeing this post


Natalie is single so this automatically elevated her above Sydney.

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What if she’s single as in- single-minded.

She’s only focussed on money maybe


best waifu confirmed

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Holy fuck, the autism.


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