Why the Yoga ball is superior

This is kind of a joke thread, but also not

Just like all the other very serious unturned gamers, I have read the development update and immediately focused on the chair vs yoga ball (Jokes aside very pog that Nelson is back to UII)

The yoga ball must remain for the following reasons:

  • Its been there from a start
  • Jasper and the Yoga ball have been developing Unturned together for the last 6 years, dont let Nelson fool you
  • The Yoga ball is chad and is the perfect excuse for when your parents say you havent moved all day
  • You can pick it up and throw it at shit, we’ve all been there
  • Yes

Reasons the chair can not win

  • Expensive
  • Tends to break
  • Doesnt give chad energy
  • Doesnt excercise gamer muscles
  • Weakens eye screen coordination
  • Not as easy to pick up and throw at shit, and can hurt someone
  • No

Thank you for reading my very very serious topic, I now expect you to reply so I can get internet clout

Chair or yoga ball
  • Yoga ball (yes)
  • Chair (Ew)

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shut up train man


I think you are cringe.

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this is bullying, you will be contacted by my lawyers

Chair out of Yoga balls :flushed:

Its bouncy and happiiii! <3

Reject modernity
Embrace tradition

Edit: wrong post

I mean it still applies

There’s a box of tissues placed near his pc

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