Will Unturned 4.0 be Unturned 2 in the library?

Considering Unturned isnt called Unturned 3.0 in the library, will Unturned 4.0 be named Unturned 2 in the library?

Someone could think there are 4 games and try to find out where the other ones are.

Just to avoid confusion, Nelson should name it Unturned 2.


Yeah that’s what I’m thinking. Being simply ‘Unturned’ in the steam release, it would be appropriate for the game to be called ‘Unturned 2’ being a successor to the previous

Funny enough, the name of Unturned’s greenlight entry is called Unturned 2. Maybe it could conflict, but who knows. Greenlight is gone anyway.

Maybe he could call it like ‘Unturned: Returned’. :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s call it Turned


“The Unturned” instead of “Unturned”
How bow dah


Unturned: 4.0

Believing in Unturned II personally.


I think for the commercial version of Unturned it would be called Unturned 2, seeing as how 3.0 is called “Unturned” In the library

Call it Overturned

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maybe 4.0 will be the one we’ll call simply ‘Unturned’ and refer to 3.0 as ‘Unturned Legacy’ as with the old stuff Nelson has reworked like the tree models for example.


I like that


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Already did.
But just showing some extra appreciation

Right now it’s called Unturned 4 :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not decided about renaming Unturned -> Unturned 3 or calling Unturned 4 -> Unturned II in Steam. Thoughts?


I think calling it “Unturned II” or “Unturned 2” would be the best choices (Maybe add some sort of second header if you want it). I don’t think it should be called Unturned 4 because that could be confusing to some people haha




I’d stick with renaming Current to 3.0 and next iteration be called 4.0

Unturned: Vice City

Unturned: Vice City XX Deluxe with Dante from the Devil May Cry series
& Knuckles


I agree with Animatic that it would be a bit too confusing if it was called Unturned 4, as a lot of people wouldn’t really get why Unturned was changed to Unturned 3 since I’m sure there are plenty of newcomers who never played 1.x or 2.x.

I told one of my friends about the development of Unturned 4.0
And he was weirded out and asked “There’s 4?!?!”
So i had to explain everything to him because he got a bit confused.

So, I believe Unturned II would go pretty well

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I kinda like Unturned II. Either that or 4.