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Unturned 4.0 could have mirrors on the cars as it would make driving the cars more interesting. This thought was inspired by a mod on the steam workshop that does this but as a barrier class of object.

Below is the mod that inspired this



i’ve been playing too much splinter cell


More events such as helicopters crashing, and forest fires maybe?


Different types of weather and more events would make the game interesting. These could range from simple rain storms to blizzards on snowy/cold maps to even zombie hordes. It’d be interesting if say a zombie horde attack on your base (or a location of some sort) was announced with some sort of sound cue.


Building on this it could be cool to have some dynamic snow pileup to a certain point which would slowly melt once the weather event is complete


I’m interested in how the new inventory system would be like. With weight and stacking, it would require the heavy reduction in slots of most (If not all) clothing. Not only it makes inventory management more convenient with stacking, but it also reduces the tedious amount of time scrolling and restricts the amount of large items you would carry. Especially firearms and their magazines, you would carry a lot of civilian rifle clips but fewer military assault rifle magazines.

  1. Mirrors on Vehicles
  2. Worldwide Navigation
  3. 4.0 version of Devkit with slightly more intuitive controls
  4. Animated guns-- including but not limited too replacing magazines, bolts moving during the animations, the hammer moving during firing… etc.
  5. Durability Revamp or Removal
  6. Doubled range of most guns. (Snipers go from 300 to 600 meters.)
  7. All Bolt Actions are one shot headshot regardless
  8. Looking behind you like in Rust while running.
  9. Being able to move while in your inventory.
  10. More crafting stations, and adding storage for crafting materials to said crafting station.
  11. Stacking for certain resources. Metal, Logs, etc would stack.
  12. Possibly Weight System.
  13. Breaking legs when shot with a High Caliber to the leg
  14. Smarter animal AI.
  15. Fractional Shotgun Reloading
  16. Lever Action, Mosen, Novuh, Outfield. Please.
  17. Placable Furniture like Lettgallian’s Furniture mod.

There’s my main input. Might add more later on.


Can you make the buildings in 4.0 more like 2.0? Like small and cozy? I missed that, also like how you has little objects like pizza boxes and cups scattered around the map, and also maybe the old shotgun reloading system?


I’d rather see some bigger buildings. However some smaller variants would be nice and would help to make cities and towns more interesting.

Speaking of 2.0, I’d like to see the same art and lighting style come back. 2.0 felt bigger and more dark than 3.0 ever did.


Ok I posted this on Reddit a while ago but WE NEED THAT SOUND THAT BULLET CASINGS MAKE WHEN THEY HIT THE GROUND. It’s probably the #1 thing I miss from 2.0, and WE NEED IT BACK. It made the game feel a lot more immersive(?) and sounded awesome.


Enough said. That and the ability to properly zero in guns (Scopes/sights w/ moving parts included maybe)


That looks cool but I really don’t want to do finger acrobatics trying to use those, besides arma 3 players usually just use a few of those because of the complications.


Yep. If Nelson could figure out a way to have at least a few of those or make a button to just peak over cover without going all the way up, it’d help a lot.


As an avid Insurgency player actually do agree with that, as well as deploying a bipod on sandbags for example.


There 10000/10 needs to be a button to deploy or undeploy a bipod. I don’t want some massive grip making my gun look ugly even when I’m not using it.

Oh and on the concept of dual-state attachments, could we get zoom scopes (2.0’s Zoom-o-matic and maybe a red dot on top of a mid-range or long-range sight or scope) :grin:


@SDGNelson Also please don’t add the food rotting system, yeah it’s realistic but that just makes games slow and you will starve all the time, also if you do work on 4.0 can you do picture updates on twitter like when you’re making a new map?

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A food rotting system adds more of a challenge to the game. And how can it make games slow? Realistically, food would begin to go off after a few days, and you have plenty of time to eat it before then. And if you do want to store food for a long period of time, you can just make a fridge or a cooler. It would be a change for the better in my opinion.



  • Forest fires (Destroy forest for x amount and after x amount of time forest would regrow)
  • Fire truck with a water tank you use to take out forest fires
  • Also small water towers where you can take water from to firetruck
  • Super rare sniper rifle that can shoot 700m but you need to aim up very much to shoot it that far away and bullet traveling time would also be longer
  • GPS Blockers (Blocks GPS on x range)
  • Happines bar (Would show how happy your player is) (If very happy player can gain more stamina or use less food/water) (You would get more happines by having food/water% over x%)
  • Alcohol/beer/wine/vodka (Could be used as happines bar booster but it would also drop healt down a bit) (Could also be used to craft something to clean wounds)