Would you definetly buy the official server pass?

I was just wondering how many people would definetly buy the official server pass on the first few days of Unturned II’s first public release (assuming that the servers will be available then).

  • Yes
  • Would wait to see if there any good
  • No

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Yes, sure. I will support Nelson in every single way.


I will buy two of them :wink:


I live in Ireland so I’d want to play a server with good ping which means probably needs to be close by

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I knew I would buy it before even getting the beta


I would love to have unturned II be $5 or $10

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I explained here why i think the server pass would be bad, and I especially will not buy it. I run a group and I’d hate to abandon my teammates that are completely free-to-play and are not willing to buy the pass. I also don’t like how there will be no noobs or large groups on official servers either, which takes away from the real survival.

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Real Survival™ means getting zurg rushed by constantly respawning naked communists who feel that they should be entitled to free video games which offer constant bugfixes, rebalances, new content, and server support all at the cost of Nelson’s time and money.


How to dislike???


Same, I would like to support him by buying skins as well!

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Without a doubt or influenced by sleazy conspiracies, I would definitely buy it as soon as it’s available (Hopefully), just like the beginning days.


A paywall is a debatable method when it comes to premium and/or quality servers, but developer support is a solid reason.

There are theories why a paid server is good or bad, but I wont go there. Though I support paid member servers.

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Listen man, I bought unturned gold before I even hit 20 hours. I am probably gonna get the server pass.


Of course. Any support for Nelson is an instant buy I my book.


Hah I got it before I even started playing.

I’ve thrown away money on games I’ll never even play. Bet you can’t top that.

OOF. Guess not.

why what when where how

it’s just 5 bucks. No offense to your friends, but how broke can they be? Even I can afford it

I guess that it’s most likely a “how to buy it” situation. Yes 5$ isn’t that much, you could find that in the groud, the “problem” is that you need a debit/credit card to put money on your Steam account.